A Grim Glory - ON HOLD

Grim. The creature that lurks in the dark. The creature that does not hesitate to kill. So they say.


16. Species History

Merana opened her eyes, a pale blue sky greeted her. She blinked, trying to get rid of the sleep that had formed in the corners of her eyes. The morning chorus had begun, and every bird that could possibly sing was singing. She sighed, and stretched her arms up, enjoying the sun's rays. She suppressed a yawn and stood up, brushing off the bits of dry mud that were still sticking to her clothes. She looked around, and found Grim still in a heap of black cloth. She paused and thought. How had he found his cloak? She frowned, before shaking her head and settling to do morning tasks. First thing first. Food. Having finished off the last of her food last night along with the deer Grim had caught, she had little choice. There was still the deer. She cooked a bit on the glowing embers, and ate the gristly meat. It was better then nothing, she supposed.

Grim stirred, his legs stretching outwards like a dog's as his red eyes opened. The grass around him had made a fairly soft bed, and was one of the more comfortable 'natural mattresses” he had used. He watched Merana carefully, before moving into a more upright position. “Good sleep?” He asked, his tail flicking to the other side of his body, not unlike a cat's tail. Merana murmured a reply, and he could make out the vague form of 'it was 'kay.”.

“What is it with you human teenagers for not forming words properly? It's your language and quite frankly, I've been pronouncing them better then you.” He waited for a reply.


Grim shook his head sadly. “Anyway, we have a long day of travelling ahead of us. Are you ready to leave?”

“Sure.” She nodded to him. “What are we going to do with the deer?”

“Leave it to the scavengers.”


“Come one, then, we need to get a move on.”

“Alright, alright, I'm coming...”


Soon, Merana was in the air, and Grim was running across the fields below her. It was glorious to have the wind rushing between her feathers again, sending them fluttering. Being a Red Kite was wonderful, there was no doubt of that. She let out a screech of delight, and received a look from Grim. She could have easily out-run him, but she kept above him, her shadow remaining lost in his cloak. Merana could glide for ages, not having to flap her wings unless she drew level with the tips of the trees. Below, she could see for miles. The countryside stretching on and on. It took your breath away, filling you up with pure joy. This was freedom. This was fun. She could see a forest far ahead, the dark green line across the horizon. This would be where they were headed, towards the shelter of the trees. The dark green canopy stretching above them. If that was what they were doing, she would have to endure a while on Grim's back. She didn't object to the thought completely, just the aches and pains that came afterwards. Deciding to use the time they were travelling to find out more about him and his race, Merana dipped down, until she was hovering a foot or so above his head. “Why do you have a cloak?” She asked him, keeping her eyes fixed ahead.

“It is to store our magic. Grim Glories have powerful magic that we store inside our cloaks. That way we don't need much concentration to use it. If it were buzzing around inside our minds, we wouldn't be able to think that clearly.”

“So... how do you get them?”

Grim paused, thinking. “We have them when we are born, our mothers weave them out of bits of fur, cotton and other materials they can find. You see, we are left alone at birth, and so our cloaks are all we have of our family.”

“But how do your cloaks become black?”

“They are not all back, some a red, others blue. Each of us has a different coloured saliva, as long as it is a murky colour, it could be the colour of our cloaks. It works as a strong dye, so the cloak will stay that colour until it is destroyed, or something.”


Grim sighed. “It has been what we always do since... forever.”

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