A Grim Glory - ON HOLD

Grim. The creature that lurks in the dark. The creature that does not hesitate to kill. So they say.


20. On the run. Again.

Merana sighed, leaning back against the tree. She still hadn’t asked what happened to the creature. That might cause a problem. That might cause a very big problem. She felt a lump in her throat, before she stood up, using the tree to support herself. Glancing around warily, she set off, slinking through the forest carefully. She drew the blunt kitchen knife from her jacket, brandishing it like a dagger. She gulped. This forest suddenly seemed much more unforgiving. Even when she was being chased by Vor at least Merana felt less alone. But now the forest was silent. It was too quiet.


Grim watched Vor carefully, his tail swaying slightly. Vor watched him back, her own sleek tail curling around her paws where she sat. She huffed at him, tilting her head to one side. The pale horns on her head, two on each side, made her look cuter then she was, masking the ravening beast beneath the fluff. She bared her teeth in a half-smile, the small points were slight blood-stained, adding to Grim's curiosity. He narrowed his eyes, the red pinpricks contrasting with Vor's wide, blue eyes. He stood up, his cloak making his body almost disappear against the dark forest and began walking. Merana could be anywhere, she could be with the dragon he had chased off. He flicked his tail irritably, and picked up the pace to a bound. Compared to Vor, he was slow and sluggish. She was weaving beneath the trees, her white fur pressed against her skin as she darted around. She was the queen of this forest, as anyone could clearly tell. The way she moved suggested years of practise, years of hunting and years of killing. Her footsteps were silent, whilst Grim's could be heard easily, pounding like a heartbeat against the soft mud. It was cold tonight, unusual for august.


And it was getting colder. Merana was shivering at the base of a large tree, curled up in a small ball and crying. A few days. That's all it had been. A few days since her parents had died. A few days since she last had a hug. She'd always felt so safe in her parent's arms, as though nothing could touch her. Her sobs could be heard echoing through the forest, calling through the trees.


Grim felt sadness. He felt great sadness. Images of Merana with her parents ran through his mind. He saw himself, dark, imposing and, sometimes, loved. She saw him as a role model, well, after she'd got to know him. Before that, she had felt undying anger towards him, hatred so deep it made him shiver. She thought she was a lost cause, before he showed up. She had been scared at first, terrified of the creature in the black cloak. Then there was the travelling, and she eventually got used to him, being there, caring, helping. Now she felt betrayed. As though her best friend had turned on her. Grim pushed the thoughts away and returned to the present. He was still running, and he could sense Merana nearby.

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