A Grim Glory - ON HOLD

Grim. The creature that lurks in the dark. The creature that does not hesitate to kill. So they say.


22. Near Death

Merana was close to giving up. The snapping beak was restless and would stop at nothing to get a tasty human snack. For the first time, the full force of what she was doing hit her. She had run away, and was now travelling with some sort of dragon, of a species she had never known of before. A species no one knew of. Merana had travelled with a creature she had known for only a few days. She had fought a full sized dragon. And now she was fighting some sort of griffin. But something inside her told her this was the end. This was the end to her short, sad life. What a miserable time she had had. She looked up into the golden eyes of the black creature, and stopped fighting.

A sudden lightness came over her, and she opened her eyes to find herself looking up at a clear night sky. Was this what heaven looked like? Did you really feel no pain when you died? She frowned, sitting up. Beside her in the ground were two sets of claw-marks, digging deep into the ground. Her hoodie was now a deep red, but the blood did not worry her. She turned around, dazed by the dreaminess of it all. She looked down, seeing herself on the mud. It was as if she was a ghost, looking down on her body. Her neck was covered with a deep red, but had barely any visible damage. Merana looked around her, watching Grim fighting furiously, his cloak swirling around him like shadows as he snapped at the griffin. She was looking at the world in silence, like some sort of colourful silent movie. She could see the creature Vor moving up behind the black feathery wings, positioning herself perfectly. Within one single second, she leaped at bit into the back of the monster's neck. Blood rain filled the air for a few moments as the griffin fell limp onto the ground. Shacking its head before she did so, Vor lifted off from the creature, before turning her muzzle towards Merana's limp body. A genuine concern flashed through her eyes as she glanced at Grim. The grim glory was still, expression hidden by the hood, before he moved forward. He lay down beside the youth, and lifted her head so it was resting on his back, against his cloak. He curled his tail over her protectively, and Merana could feel the cool blade pressing against her, the heat being sapped from her stomach. The sensation was strangely calming, and all Merana wanted to do was wake up in her body. But she couldn't. The teenager watched helplessly as a short conversation moved swiftly between the pair of beasts, before grim started licking at the blood on her neck, cleaning the small wound carefully. It really was small, definitely not fatal but enough to send her into a deep sleep.

She sat down beside him and stroked his back anyway, not caring if he could not feel it, in gratitude.


Grim shuddered, feeling as if a ghost were stroking his back. Cool fingers worked their way through the cloak, touching his skin. He huffed, his breath steaming in the air. It was definitely getting colder.

The grim glory looked down at the sleeping girl nestled between himself and Vor. Merana showed no signs of stirring. The dark red on her hoodie had dried to a reddish brown, signalling that the cuts and scrapes on her chest had stopped bleeding. Her neck, however, was a different story. Every so often, Grim would clean away the blood, making sure it wouldn't trickle down her neck, or encourage more creatures to investigate the thought of a free meal. Merana had almost been killed – the griffin was just starting to deliver the killing bite before he had knocked it away. Grim looked towards the lifeless pile of feathers. The sight filled him with anger, and yet made him feel all the more paranoid.

He looked behind him, the upwards, before tilting his head.

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