A Grim Glory - ON HOLD

Grim. The creature that lurks in the dark. The creature that does not hesitate to kill. So they say.


7. Licking Wounds

A sigh of relaxation rolled over her, like the breaking waves of the tide. She had been riding Grim for a while now. She had become used to the steady thump of his paws, and was enjoying the freedom of it all before the aches began to settle in.

He hadn't said a word since answering her question. It was all quiet, peacefully quiet. With the dark trees surrounding them, looming figures in the dark, Merana began to get the feeling of being watched. A shiver ran down her spine, remembering the last day. The feeling of being followed and watched, stalked for the whole day. A lump came into her throat, and she tried hard to wash it away. Eventually, after a few minutes of sitting uncomfortable, she rummaged around in her bag with one hand, before drawing out some water. Her arm settling down to throb once more. She drank quickly, before hurriedly stuffing the bottle back into her bag. She'd rather not fall of a moving 'Grim Glory'. Especially one moving this fast.


As the morning dawned, Merana ached. Riding on Grim having taken it's toll. Still, he ran onwards. The edge of the forest was in sight, however. A massive barrier of light. As they ran through it, Merana had the blink numerous times to regain her vision. The vibrant green of the fields ahead seemingly blinding her. She groaned in discomfort, shifting for the umpteenth time. Grim remained silent, however. She was starting to get lonely, to much time in silence leaving her bored. “Are we nearly there yet?” She asked, finding it hard to resist any more.

Grim rolled his eyes. No. He said simply. But we will be soon.


It was around ten in the morning when a rocky hill came into view. They all seemed arranged in some sort of house. Grim had taken them both to a long valley, a clear river running through the middle, the crystal water shimmering invitingly. Merana's mind sparked with longing. How long ago was it since she had a bath? At least four or five days. Add that to the amount of walking she had done, and you got something like a week without a wash of some sort. After enduring another few minutes of trotting, Grim stopped and Merana dismounted. He looked at her carefully, his red eyes gliding over her quickly. Merana looked at him strangely.

So what did you think? He asked, a slight curiosity tinting his voice.

She grimaced. “Pleasurable up until six hours ago.” She replied.

He chuckled, and made his way among the rocks. They seemed to form a sort of structure, a crude building. I believe your kind once lived here. Made this... thing. He gestured towards the building with his muzzle. Merana eyed it carefully, examining it. It was build on the side of the hill-or more of, in the hill. Three slabs of stone formed the small porch producing from the valley side. Inside it dipped underground, they people who had once lived here had obviously hollowed it out. Cautiously, she wandered inside. The ceiling was completely mud. It was hardened, though. Did it have some sort of clay in it? She could see Grim hovering outside, uncertain of whether he would be able to get in. Beckoning to him, she smiled. After one last regretful glance behind him, the Grim Glory squeezed himself into the cave. He had to hang his head to get through, being too tall. It widened out considerably, along with the ceiling becoming higher in the centre. He shot Merana a strange look and sat down. So. Your arm? He asked curiously, his cloak hiding his eyes from view.

She shrugged, regretting it instantly as it sent a spike of pain through her body. “Still hurts, I guess...”

Grim nodded solemnly. Do you want me to fix it? He asked, his voice sounding surprisingly gentle.

“Sure.” Merana replied, acting as though it was no problem. He moved towards her, unsure at first. When he was close enough to touch her, he did. He rested his muzzle on her broken arm, the coolness of his skin making her want to withdraw her arm as quickly as possible. She resisted the urge, watching the Grim Glory carefully as he drew magic from his cloak and sent if forth towards her arm. It burned blazing hot for a moment, the searing sensation crawling up her arm, spreading out to her body. Grim removed his muzzle, leaving the magic to do its work.

Merana let out a short squeal of pain, as the burning sensation heightened, before lowering back to normal.

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