A Grim Glory - ON HOLD

Grim. The creature that lurks in the dark. The creature that does not hesitate to kill. So they say.


13. Intruder

Merana sat near the back of the ruins, watching the sun set once again. The orangey glow lit up the sky, illuminating the clouds and rimming them in orange; it was beautiful. Beside her was her bag, it's content scattered messily around it. Grim was out hunting. Absorbing other creature's life force. It was not a nice fate. To be killed was not nice. To have your very life source sucked out? She did not even want to think about it. It had cooled down considerably, and the old house was now providing a nice shade. It was cool in here now, the sun not able to penetrate solid mud and soil. A cool breeze was stirring the grass outside. It looked as though waves of white were washing over the small blades, as the wind rolled over the sides of the valley. It was a rather flat valley, with gentle slopes building up to ridges on either side. This was the first time Merana had actually payed attention to her surroundings. She found herself feeling relaxed again, despite the fight earlier on. Grim had been hurt, she knew that. Even as he had taken her back here, saying that he was fine, he had limped. He had hurt himself during that fight, and for some reason he wasn't telling her. Was he afraid he would look weak? But surely the Grim Glory wouldn't value his pride over his health? No, it had to be something deeper. She sighed, and stood up, her bare feet squelching over the slight wet mud. It was a nice day, to be honest. But a lot had happened. A lot of not so good things. She walked out of the cave and looked out on the river. It danced in the sunlight, glittering, shimmering and glistening as the rays of light brushed over it. This place was peaceful, it was easy to forget all worries here. So calm, with the birds twittering, the trees rustling and people shouting...


“Oh.” Merana exclaimed, turning back into the cave and gathering her things as fast as she could. The police and that lot must have found her. She turned to leave. Only to find them standing at the doorway.

“Merana?” A soft voice called. It sounded female. Merana gulped. “Merana? We're not here to hurt you. Please, come home...” Merana was silent, hoping they would not find her. “Merana, we know you are there, come out.”

“No.” She answered firmly, her voice had a certain defiance to it. She was not going to leave without a fight.

“So you are here?” The voice called back, loosing some of it's softness. Dammit. They had been lying. They hadn't know she was here. No point pretending now.

“Yes. But I will not come with you. I will not spend the rest of my childhood stuffed in an orphanage.”

“But you won't be there for long... Only a year...”

“Then I would be there for a year to long.”

A figure stepped into view, a silhouette, imprinted in the sunlight. “Please, Merana.”

“No. I shall not come with you.”

“Fine.” The voice was definite, and the figure began to move towards her. Merana growled, the woman wrinkled her nose distastefully. “Are we resorting to animal behaviour, now?”

“Grim!” Merana called, hoping her would here her. The woman stopped.

“You're just calling that, trying to fool me, aren't you? You wouldn't have found him, he would help you.”

“You are so wrong. Any moment now, he is going to come in, and teach you a lesson.” She could see more of the owner of the voice, now. She had a slim figure, with long brown hair, a pretty face and bright blue eyes.

“I don't think he is...”

“He will.”

“Aww, you've convinced yourself he will come, haven't you? Well let me tell you something. He doesn't care about you. He doesn't care about anyone. All he cares about is the one he is bonded to. He murders you and your petty kind.”

Merana suppressed a grin. “How do you know I'm not the one he is bonded to?”

The woman raised an eyebrow. “He would have come by now, if you were.” Merana frowned. She smiled. “Oh, have I found the little loophole in your plan? Aww, poor little, pathetic you.” She advanced.

“You step away from her.” A voice growled.

“Grim!” Merana exlaimed.

“You.” The woman growled, glaring at the figure behind her.

“I have told you once, and I will not tell you again. Move away from her.” Grim snarled, red eyes blazing.

The woman hissed. “You have got your way this time, Grim Glory. Do not expect me to be so co-operative next time.” With one last glare, she pushed past Grim and went back, out of the cave. Grim watched her leave, and stood still at the entrance. Merana walked over to him, and watched beside him as the figure ran across the valley, with to much grace and speed to be human.

“Who -what- was that?” She asked, glancing at Grim.

“Someone who wants you dead, obviously. She was a... creature. Something not human. She feeds off others emotions. Whether that be fear, joy or despair.”

“That doesn't tell me much.”

“Just.. stay away from them.” Grim's voice was calm. Too calm.

“So what are we going to do now?”

“Move. Away from here.”

Merana groaned. “Not riding again?”

“Not if you don't want to, there is another way, but you would not know how to do it, yet.”

“I'll learn anything if it doesn't include aches and pains.”

Grim sighed. “Gather your things. I'll teach you while we are moving.” He glanced at her. “On foot.” He added, after seeing her reluctance to leave if it meant having to ride on his back.

“Ok...” She murmured, walking back into the ruins. She gathered the remaining items, stuffing them hastily into her bag. She slung it over her shoulder and joined Grim, who had moved above the old house, watching the valley carefully.



He nodded to her, and began walking.

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