A Grim Glory - ON HOLD

Grim. The creature that lurks in the dark. The creature that does not hesitate to kill. So they say.


18. Forest

Merana was not happy to be back to riding. She had grumbled for the past five minutes, after Grim had healed the bullet wound. He had insisted that she didn't fly, which had annoyed her greatly. But the forest was drawing nearer, and so it was probably best she stopped flying.

Soon, Grim had stopped running, his pace slowing into the fast walk. His eyes practically shone in the gloom of the dense trees. The sun was setting fast, and Grim was determined to find somewhere safe to rest for the night. Merana was confused. What was so different about this place? She shook her head, and returned her focus to the world around them both.

Grim seemed edgy here, checking everything, everywhere. But they padded onwards, Grim silent as a cat, Merana not daring to breath. Her eyes were wide, Grim's fear rubbing off on her.

She was about to ask why he was so cautious, when something slammed into her. She could hear the flapping of wings as whatever had grabbed her glided back down to the forest floor. Her head snapped against a tree trunk, the thud rung through her head, vibrating again and again. The sharp pain startled her, making her feel more awake then ever. She blinked at the mass of teeth in front of her, trying to keep them away was top priority. Grim would get it off her...

Something slammed into the creature from behind, she could feel the pressure of it crushing her. She let out a small noise, trying to get Grim to notice she was suffocating. Grim obviously understood, as he began to drag himself and the... thing off of her. Now it was just her legs stopping her from moving, the thing was carefully being pulled off, and she could make out the form of Grim, his cloak swirling in the wind, his eyes glowing with annoyance and anger. He flicked his tail, before Merana could suddenly feel her legs, and moved them beneath her as fast as she could and stood up.

Bad idea.

Her head spun and she collapsed, too dizzy to get back up again. Before her, Grim and the thing were fighting, circling each other before leaping with a clash of teeth. “Grim...” She tried to call, but it came out a whisper. He glanced at her, before saying, “Run. I'll finish it off, it'd be better if it couldn't hurt you more.”

Merana gulped as Grim was thrown to the ground. That small message had caused him to become distracted, if she were to get in the way, what would he do then?

With one last pained glance at the Grim Glory, she turned and ran. She could have sworn she heard something follow.

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