A Grim Glory - ON HOLD

Grim. The creature that lurks in the dark. The creature that does not hesitate to kill. So they say.


14. Fly

A little while later, Grim started to teach her. “Right. What I will be teaching you, or at least, what I will be attempting to teach you, is how to use your inner... beast, I suppose you could call it.”

“What is that?”

“Shush, and I will tell you.”


“Anyway. Your inner beast is what connects you to Grim Glories. Occasionally, a human is born not quite... human. These are the ones bonded to us.”

“So I'm not a complete human? I'm not completely descended from monkeys?”

He looked at her, suspicious. “No. You are not completely human. These humans, you, can unleash their inner beast, allowing their animal blood take over their human blood. They can take form of any animal, yet they don not have any choice over what it is. You are born with whatever animal you were born with. Some humans have wolf blood, others have deer blood and so on.”

“So I could be part anything? So like... part eagle?”

“Yes, you could be part anything. The key is, finding what animal you are.”

“Alright. So... how do I do that?”

“I'll be honest with you; I haven't got the faintest idea.”

“Right. How am I going to learn?”

“Uhhhh... Think really hard?”

“Sure. Like that will do anything...” She muttered. Merana waved a hand. “You go on ahead, we'll see if I can catch up with you.”

Grim nodded to her, and continued along the fields. They had left the valley a little while ago, leaving the river and green hills to replace them with flat fields, fringed with hedges. Merana focused, thinking to what it would feel like to have wings, four legs or to simply be an animal. She thought hard. Grim was disappearing behind the hedge line at the other side of the field. If she didn't find out how to do it soon, she would have a considerable amount to catch up on. Frustration took over, replacing the desire to become an animal. She shut her eyes, willing herself harder to become an animal.

A prickling sensation ran down her spine. Was this it? She opened her eyes. Nope. Nothing had changed. Merana growled. Why did it have to be so hard? Why did nature have to complicate things? She sat down, head in her hands, and concentrated. She could do this. She would take on the form of an animal and show Grim what she could do. She felt a burning desire to prove to him she wasn't worthless. Frowning, Merana shut her eyes. Why did she now want to impress the Grim Glory? A few days ago she had despised of him, wanted to kill him. Now she wanted to help him, be useful. Nothing had happened. Nothing. Not a single thing. If anyone was watching her, she must look stupid. Sitting in a field in the middle of nowhere. She probably looked like she was crying, too. Great. She had made a complete fool out of herself. Merana opened her eyes, and made to stand up. She couldn't. Was there something wrong with her? She looked ahead, Grim was out of sight. At least she wouldn't have to endure him watching her as she scrabbled fruitlessly to get up. She put her arms beneath her, and pushed. She could not stand. She looked down, blinking in surprise as she found the feet and legs of a Red Kite. A Red Kite. She had done it. Merana spread her new wings, admiring the black stripes running along the edge, the sharp point the feathers came to at the tip of them. Now. How to take off...


Minutes later, Merana was in the air. She twisted, looped and glided on the wind. She let out several screeches of joy, as she soared through the sky. Her wings were perfectly shaped, letting the wind slip past them as they sliced through air. Below was a see of green, and, moving through it, was a small black figure. Grim. He had looked up in curiosity, watching her carefully. He had no idea. He just thinks I am another bird. But she was so much more. Merana dived, her refined eyesight showing her more then any human eyes could. She swooped down over Grim, cawing as she did. He snapped at her, narrowly missing her tail feathers as she veered to one side. She landed carefully, and stood, watching him. He growled at her, as if to tell her to go away. She was enjoying this immensely. She screeched back at him, tilting her head to one side. She blinked at him innocently, ruffling her feathers impatiently. Then, she changed back. Her legs came back to her, and she stood up, a grin painted on her face. “I did it.”

Grim looked at her. “You did.”


“A Red Kite?”


“Hm.” He turned and started walking again.

“Can we go faster, then?”

He began running, full pelt. Merana smiled, leaping into the air and transforming as she did. Her wings caught the wind easily, sending her shooting on. She drew level with Grim and began flying beside him, the tip of her wings nudging his cloak as it caught the wind. It swirled around him like a cloud. This was fun.

The sun beat down on the pair, shimmering off Merana's glossy feathers and being swallowed by Grim's black cloak. They went side by side. They did not tire or stop, but instead kept going, despite their aches and pains. They had a mission to do. They had something to find. The runaway and the outcast. Working together.

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