A Grim Glory - ON HOLD

Grim. The creature that lurks in the dark. The creature that does not hesitate to kill. So they say.


21. Fluttering of Feathers

Merana looked up, listening carefully. A crease appeared between her forehead. Surely Grim hadn't found her yet? She stood wearily, her eyes scanning carefully. Nothing was in the forest as far as she could tell. Complete silence. No sound. Apart from the gentle breeze and the sound of a crow cawing. Merana took a step back. Crow? It was night time. All birds were in their nests, weren't they? She looked upwards, just in time to see the massive creature flying towards her. It let out a screech just before it landed on her, it's weight pinning her down. She spluttered, gasping for air as it leant down, sniffing her. It's warm breath smelt horrid- rotting flesh stinging her nose, the smell working it's way towards her brain. It was overpowering and she spluttered, coughing at the creature. It, in return, screeched, it's beak opening to show a ruby-red mouth, completely free of teeth, but not of blood. The dried gore staining the shiny, smooth, black surface. It snorted at her, it's sharp talons digging into her chest. She squealed in pain, trying to worm her way out of its grasp as it drew blood. Becoming desperate, her survival instincts setting in, she kicked out blindly, catching it's soft belly around the ribs. The weird bird-creature hopped off her, flapping it's black wings angrily. Merana wasted no time, rolling from underneath and jumping to her feet. She looked down at herself, wincing as she saw the blood-stained material of her hoodie. She pressed it against the eight pinpricks in her skin, the dark red making spots over the material. She heard a huff from behind her, and turned. She almost kicked herself. When in the middle of a fight, it's best to try not to forget your opponent was standing right behind you. It generally helps you prolong your life. She barely had time to react as the crow-monster leaped at her, it's wings adding to the force. At the last second, she turned, the creature skimming past her and landing with a loud thud on the damp mud behind her. It flicked its tail, which looked strangely lion-like, with annoyance. Merana was not sticking around. The creature had turned, and was circling her with interest, it's yellow eyes glittering curiously. As she backed away, slowly, she kept eye contact. The yellow eyes were off putting, but she could see that it had clawed front feet, and lion-like paws. The creature had dark black feathers on its front and black fuzz on it hind quarters. Merana

raised an eyebrow, trying to figure it what it was. The creature had a dark black beak, it's wings looked like a swirling black cloak. They looked like Grim's cloak. She felt the burning prickle of tears on her eyes, and found herself struggling to hold them back. As the creature lunged again, the name came to her - griffin. It was a griffin. But weren't they mythical? Merana frowned, still watching it carefully. They had circled each other at a full turn now and Merana could see the faint sparkle of red blood on the grass.

The griffin let out a series of chattering sounds, snapping it's beak together and watching her carefully. She snarled at it, crying out, surprising it and, she hoped, attracting Grim's attention.


Vor watched him from the trees, her golden-yellow eyes glittering mischievously. Grim kept running, calling out as he went, "We are meant to be looking for Merana, remember." He ignored the playful creature and raised his muzzle again. He could hear screeching. He hesitated for a moment, before shacking his head. Giffins must have found something to play with. He flicked his tail the the right, pivoting around it to run south, rather then west. He was running away from the griffins, hoping to be able to hear something from Merana if he walked away from the noise. Then he heard a noise, different from the griffins. He tilted his head to the side. Waiting, he listened. Surely the sound had to come again.


Merana focused, trying to take the form of a red kite and fly off, but it was no use. To take form of a bird, she needed to be calm and able to think. Both of which she couldn't do. She growled at the slavering creature above her, trying to keep the claws and beak away from her face. "GRIM!" She called out, at the top of her voice. Hopefully Grim would come soon. Hopefully.


Grim looked up to the sky, hearing Merana's voice. He didn't need to be psychic to work out that she was in trouble. No one who's perfectly safe makes that much noise. Turning towards the trees and seeming to address them all, he said; "Vor, we need to get to that griffin. I think I know what it's found." Vor's pretty muzzle poked out from a gap between two trees, and she nodded, a glint of curiosity entering her eyes. Grim turned, without addressing her again, and streaked off toward the screeches.

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