A Grim Glory - ON HOLD

Grim. The creature that lurks in the dark. The creature that does not hesitate to kill. So they say.


15. Fire

Orange flames crackled in front of her, reflecting in her eyes, sending heat through her body. In the night crickets croaked, eerie howls rose from the mouths of foxes and the sound of owls hooting caught the wind. The sun had set an hour ago, and the pink glow had only just disappeared. Grim was out hunting, searching for food for them both. The cool night was refreshing, the sweet air flowing through Merana's lungs and making her feel more awake then ever. She was grateful for leaving the cave, yet worried that they were more vulnerable. The journey here had been tiring, and her arms ached from flying. She leant back against the log behind her, stretching her legs out towards the fire. She was careful not to burn them, injuring herself now, while she was a runaway, would be a bad idea. She didn't know when Grim would go out to fight.... monsters again, and so she needed to be prepared for when he would. Life was so much more exciting now. Excitement was guaranteed when you were a runaway. After all, you had to run constantly. Merana sighed, watching the crackling flames dancing against the blue night sky. Trees and hedges were black silhouettes, compared to the bright, vibrant flames. It was amazing, how quiet it was. Nothing except the cool wind rustling the leaves and the night creatures making themselves heard. Nothing like the noise of human life, nothing like the rush of cars, the beeping of horns and all that... stuff.

No, Merana liked it here. She liked being free. A sound came from the bushes behind her, and she drew the kitchen knife still tucked in her bag. She stood up, brandishing the knife like a dagger, ready to attack anything that emerged. A pale muzzle came into view, and she relaxed. It was Grim. His muzzle was bloodstained, and carrying a small deer. He put it down, and sat down opposite her. Merana sat, too, parking herself on the log, which rolled backwards and sent her straight to the ground. She sighed in annoyance, as Grim let out a muffled laugh. “Shut up.” she growled, smoothing down her hair again, and brushing herself off. Grim's laugh became slightly more prominent. “Shut up.” Merana repeated, and he began silently laughing. She sat there, a bored expression on her face as he managed to regain control of his breathing. A faint smile was still playing on his muzzle as she sent him one of her death-stares.

She sat, hands resting on the palms of her hands, watching him carefully.

“You want food?”

She didn't reply. He rolled his eyes.

“It was funny. I wouldn't have laughed if it wasn't.”

She still glared at him.



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