A Grim Glory - ON HOLD

Grim. The creature that lurks in the dark. The creature that does not hesitate to kill. So they say.


23. Conversation

Vor watched Grim carefully. He definitely cared for her, otherwise her old friend would have simply left her to die. With a flick of her long, silky tail, she settled down beside him, just as he glanced behind himself yet again. “Something playing on your mind?” She questioned, her eyes glittering in the moonlight as it bathed her fur in silver. As she moved her coat practically sparkled.

Grim returned his attention to her, and sounded distant. “I... I suppose there is.” He growled, without taking his dark eyes off Merana's sleeping form. Vor sighed, and was quiet for a while. She had hoped he would have opened up to her more. Obviously not. “Grim, I've known you for years. Your never the one to just sit around watching over a human.” She paused, thinking for a while. “This bonded thing has made you go... crazy. I don't understand what it is with you 'Glories and you're humans. If you need to find them so much, why not simply be able to turn into a human, like me?” To prove the point, the sleek creature stood, and seemed to rise onto her back legs, her features becoming more human, her eyes becoming dark hazel. Her golden brown hair was waist height, her features well defined and perfectly proportioned. She was slim, and wore a simple t-shirt and jeans. She looked at Grim. She looked at him hard, she looked at him meaningfully. Grim sighed, and turned once again to look at her, but not before glancing once more behind himself.

“They say the one we are bonded too will help us in life, they say that if we find our... one, we will live in peace for most of the rest of our lives.”

“How do you know if you're bonded to your person?” Vor questioned, sitting down once again beside Grim and the sleeping girl, stroking her hair absent-minded.

“We can feel their strongest emotions. Things like strong love, the deepest despair, when they are elated and every other massive spike in their feelings.”

“And this makes you want to interfere with their lives because...?” Vor asked, tilting her head curiously.

Grim fell silent, thinking for a while. The sleeping girl stirred, a frown on her face, before settling down again. “You don't know what it's like to want to protect someone so much, but every time you try, all you feel is either annoyance or fear.” His red eyes regarded Vor with interest. “I don't want everyone to fear me, Vor. Just a little... gratitude would be nice once in a while.”

“You saved her life. If she isn't grateful to you, then there has to be something wrong with her.” Vor countered.

“What if she wanted to die?”

Now Vor was silent. Merana muttered in her sleep.

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