all these little things

Ally gets a shock when her parents tells her that they are going to move to London, England. She have to leave all of her friends, her hometown and all the memories she got. Ally never tought that her new life in London could get better then it was in Sweden, but it shows that it can. And she never thought that she would hang out with one of the worlds biggest boyband - One Direction.


3. Suprise

I smiled as I started walking again. He's a funny guy that Ryan. I slammed the door when I got home and ran up to my room. I was just about to jump in to the shower when someone knocked on my door. 
- Are you alright Ally? mom asked with a caring voice. 
- Yes mom, sorry I slammed the door! I sighed as I said it, why could she never stop being so annoying?
I almost slipped when I got out from the shower and I burst out laughing at myself. I think I'm starting to get crazy, I've never laughed at myself before?
Nowclothes. It's so hard to find the perfect outfit, it all ends up that the whole floor is full of my clothes! It's a little bit cold today so I'm gonna have to wear jeans. I found a pair of black jeans that I matched with a a gray knit sweater, leather jacket and a big wine-red scarf. It will have to do, it's not like I'm going to a fashion show. I didn't had so much time to do something else so I might just take my bike and go to work. 
- I'm going to work now in the bakery! I almost shouted while I pulled on my black boots on.
- But you don't work on saturdays Ally? said both of my parents in chorus. 
- No but Ryan asked if I could take his shift, bye see you later! 
I slammed the door again, a part of me will never forgive them for this, that they made me move to London. But I had to accept it so they must accept that. 
The café is a bit outside the city, it's not that much people that comes there, but it's very cozy and homely. I'm not planning to work here all my life, I want to be a makeup artist that works with celebrities! It would be so fun!
It wasn't that much people when I got to the café and I felt a relief, I didn't feel like working today actually. But I'm doing it for Ryan. 
- Here you go, your coffee, I smiled at the costumer as I gave her the coffee. Have a nice day! 
No one else were working today, just me. Boring, I tought to myself. This will be a long, loooong day.
I was just about to go on lunch when the door opened. 
-This looks nice boys, right? 
I recognized the voice but I couldn't tell who it was.
- Yeah it does, but is it open? There's no one here?
I had to wake up from my toughts and I opened the door from the lunch room. Oh my god. Breathe Ally. Don't panic, act normal. I stood there like a statue, and all of them were looking at me. 

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