all these little things

Ally gets a shock when her parents tells her that they are going to move to London, England. She have to leave all of her friends, her hometown and all the memories she got. Ally never tought that her new life in London could get better then it was in Sweden, but it shows that it can. And she never thought that she would hang out with one of the worlds biggest boyband - One Direction.


2. One year

One year has passed and I'm no longer in Sweden, my new home is now London. It receives to say it, cause Sweden has always been my home, I were born there, I've grown up there and I have all of my friends there. It's hard to wake up, knowing that I won't see my friends today, I won't go to the same school or see the same old things. But I'm starting to accept it. I have got some new friends and everything is slowly getting better then it was in the beggining. 
When I saw the house we were moving in to my heart stopped. It was so big and beautiful, almost like a castle and my room, WOW. The perfect room for a teeneger! My own toilet, walk-in-closet and all those girly stuff. The first thing I did was to send photos to my friends back in Sweden, they were so jealous when they saw it. 

It was saturday morning, the sun was starting to go up and it was a little bit foggy. I was on my usual morning walk in the park near our house. I felt that there were someone behind me so I turned my head and a boy bumped in to me. I was not prepared for that and I fell backwards and landed on my butt. 
- Oh my god, are you okay? I'm so, so sorry! said a boy with a worried voice. I laughed and he helped me up. 
- It's okay, I wasn't ready for that but I'm okay! I smiled at him and then I saw who it was.. It was my friend from school, Ryan. 
- Haha it's you Ryan?! Haha I didn't recognize you! 
- Really, Ally? I didn't recognize you either! 
We burst out laughing. I like Ryan, he's a really good friend and he's so kind to me. 
- Well, now that I've met you I don't have to call you as I was suppose to do, but I was wondering if you could work my shift in the bakery today? It would be so nice, I'm going to the cinema with Zara tonight, Ryan asked as he looked like I was going to kill him for the quiestion. 
- Please, please, pleaseeeeee Ally, I'll buy you lunch in school! 
I started laughing because it looked so funny, a guy begging a girl almost on his knees. 
- Of course, I'll take your shift Ryan, but you owe me, next time it's my turn! I smiled at him and a relief spread across his face. 

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