all these little things

Ally gets a shock when her parents tells her that they are going to move to London, England. She have to leave all of her friends, her hometown and all the memories she got. Ally never tought that her new life in London could get better then it was in Sweden, but it shows that it can. And she never thought that she would hang out with one of the worlds biggest boyband - One Direction.


1. Moving

I never tought this would happend. I tought that it was just something that my parents was talking about, but NO it wasn't. We were really going to move to London, and it felt like I woke up from a nightmare. 

- Mom I don't want to move to London, don't you get it?! I screamed as I slammed my door as hard as I could. 
I heard that she was on her way up to my room so I hurried to my bed and hid my face in the pillow. 
- Honey, I know it's hard but you'll see, everything will be good after a time.
- No it won't. you don't know how it feels, I have to LEAVE mom, I have to leave my friends, my school, all the good memories. And here you are, telling me that everything will be better after a time. But no, it wont't. 
She didn't say anything and after a bit she left the room, puh, good I just want to be alone.
I took my laptop and logged in to twitter, all of the boys in One Direction had tweeted about their visit in Paris and I smiled. My friend had showed me their song 'What makes you beautiful' for one year ago and I fell in love with them at first sight. One good thing about moving to London is that they live there, but that doesn't mean that I have a better chance to meet them. 

I tweeted and replied to some people and the I logged out. I opened my door and stuck out my head. Darkness. I shuddered, I've always hated darkness, since I was little. I'm not going downstairs, I tought to myself and closed the door again. 

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