The Journey to Moonlight Falls

A group of four students from Everdeen University of Magic have been attacked by a group of Vampires while on their way to Moonlight Falls to their Final Cermony Of The Rising to complete their last year at school.Meet Kelly,Jade,Luke and Austin in this supernatural Drama.


2. The Truth and the Rage

Ramona lay down on the velvet lounge sofa in her private cottage in the outskirts of Moonlight falls.'Im so glad i didn't have to travel the way that Jade travels' She looked up to see her friend Bree flirting with her brother Samus.She hissed at Bree,making eyecontact with her,Bree backed away and went over to her.

"Whats your big deal Bree?"She hissed,

"C'mon,your brother is like the most hot boy in the academy and you can't let me even go near him?"Bree stared hard at Ramona,realising she just insulted her,"It's like you are keeping him for your own,I think that's a bit paranoid if you know what i mean".

Ramona stared at Bree stone cold,this time it went way to far,'I wish that kelly could have come with me,that way,she wouldn't be attacked by a group of vampires a week ago at the barrier line betwween the Academy and the road that goes through bravery woods'.She stormed off in rage out of the bar room and into the secret study.She collasped on the ancient lounge chair and grabbed one of the books on the floor and studied.


Jade opened her eyes and looked around,she was in her tent ,lying on he bed.She thought about what happend before,she rembered Luke talking to her and he was about to say something he meant to say his whole life but Austin ran in and shouted out that Kelly has gone cazy with the super fast jumping powers and herself getting scared and diving in the lake and hit something with her head.She gasped,she hit her skull against the rocks'If it wasn't for Luke,i would have been dead in the icy cold waters of the lake'.Tears ran down her cheeks,she owes Luke her entire life,she wiped her tears and got out of bed.She went out of her tent and went into Luke's tent filled with plants,herbs,stone tables,his set of tiny cauldrons and lots of healing and potions books.She spotted Luke behind some random stacks of books,she knelt down beside him and looked at what he was doing.

"Hey Jade,want to help me with this?"Jade grinned at him "Of course my savior!"

They both chuckled and hugged eathother,it was the first time Jade felt happy since Kelly got attacked,the two broke apart and smiled at eachother again.

"I know what  you were going to say to me the otherday"

"Are you sure? You might get it wrong!"

"I'm a hundred percent sure Luke!"

"Fine then,hit me"

Jade mouthed the words I love you to Luke,he smiled,he leaned in and quickly kissed her but just in time to see Austin see what has happened in this tent.Austin stared while Kelly came in behind him and gasped at the two,who were sitting on the floor of the tent.

"Im screwed.."

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