The Journey to Moonlight Falls

A group of four students from Everdeen University of Magic have been attacked by a group of Vampires while on their way to Moonlight Falls to their Final Cermony Of The Rising to complete their last year at school.Meet Kelly,Jade,Luke and Austin in this supernatural Drama.


5. Hahaha,well no.

"HOW MUCH LONGER ARE WE WALKING?",screamed Bree "Well,im sure we are near,besides,be glad that the so called 'monster' didn't attack you,afterall, I was transformed into a so called 'monster'",Kelly said a matter-of-factly to Bree.In her mind,imagined herself smug as a vamperis dosde, Aka:Vampire, as Austin called her the two days before,no wonder she chased him and started laughing.A while later they were setting up the camp beside the waterfall,damn it looked nice,just imagine a place in forks, (its not like im a big fan or twilight or anything) the tall trees plus the grass and the waterfall.Kelly looked back at Bree's face,she could have sworn she was being trolled by her right now.

"Look,im sorry Kells but seems like ten miles for us, while for you its about three,it sucks pretty bad to be us!"

"Nah,its alrighty Austin,we are just approacing it anyways"

Austin stared back at her and looked back at his phone,scrolling through the apps (yes,they do use phones in this movella its not like they are back in those times where phones were just like flying cars :P) , he descided to play temple run, he had 2nd place in worldwide which was pretty good.




 - _- crap i totally forgot about this movella O-O im soo sorry but i had LOADS of stuff to do after the exams and after the post i made about this chapter being finished. excuse me but its not my fault and plus im quite popular in school and i have been invited to partys all the time since the 21st which sucks :( but im back again! woooo! this chapter was short but next time it will more........longer and more better and heres a  sneak peak: death...O.O

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