The Journey to Moonlight Falls

A group of four students from Everdeen University of Magic have been attacked by a group of Vampires while on their way to Moonlight Falls to their Final Cermony Of The Rising to complete their last year at school.Meet Kelly,Jade,Luke and Austin in this supernatural Drama.


4. Another Travel

Kelly changed into her everyday attire and put on a leather coat,she walked out of her tent and into the misty night.She looked around,no one was awake,she ran towards the direction of the west,in search of a new camp.She ran through the rows of trees and looked for any suitable places which include water sources,eatible bushes and shrooms,covering and close animals.She stopped to look around,nope.She ran for ten more miles until she found it,a peacefull waterfall with eatible things and perfect covering,in other words,perfect camping place.She ran back to the old camp,she ran to everyones tents and told them all to pack up and wait on the other side of the lake.Kelly started packing,she took eveything out and put them in her backpack,she then deflated the tent and took the strings and nails out.It was about 3am when the place was clear,she walked to where everyone was standing.She smiled,perfect time to go.



Sorry that the chapter was short , i have homework and studying to do :( i will write a longer chapter next time :)


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