The Journey to Moonlight Falls

A group of four students from Everdeen University of Magic have been attacked by a group of Vampires while on their way to Moonlight Falls to their Final Cermony Of The Rising to complete their last year at school.Meet Kelly,Jade,Luke and Austin in this supernatural Drama.


1. A bit too much


We were broken and scared,we did not know what our future held in store for us,it was like we were trapped in cage with no signs of a exit,with no chances of survival.I just stood there in the middle of the lake,hovering above the calm water,very slowly I became more sleepy until one of my friends called me over to the small camp we made to survive the days we spend here. "Hey,what's wrong Jade?" "Nothing wrong Austin,how is Kelly feeling?" "Shes still weak from the attack,shes halfway through the process of transformation". I frowned,we were lately attacked by vampires and Kelly has been bit by the leader,I knew that she wouldn't survive but with Luke's lately discovered powers,we were able to make her survive the toughest part of transformation,also known as Desoration.I hovered my way into one of the tents to see Kelly sitting on the bed with tears running down her cheeks. "Kelly?" "Yes?" "Are you feeling okay?" "Yea,I feel okay!" Kelly suddenly screamed in pain and floated up to the ceiling of the tent,with her eyes glowing purple,I was terrified but the boys heard the scream and ran in. I screamed at Luke, "LUKE,WHATS HAPPENING TO HER?" I saw fear and guilt in Luke's and Austin's eyes,I heard Luke gulp,this was the most terrifying moment we all experienced. "This is her last phase of transformation,when she floats down to the ground, the transformation is complete" "There is  no way shes going to come down" "We have to try Austin!" "Fine,by the count of three,we all float up to her and drag her down,so that she can stop screaming" I nodded,this plan could work,I thought.I floated up to Kelly with the boys behind me,we grabbed Kelly down and made sure she stayed on the ground. Kelly calmed down and started shaking on the floor,it didn't shock me,it was still cold from winter.Kelly stared at me with her chestnut eyes and blinked,her eyes were now bright red.I crouched on the floor and Kelly put her arms around me,i lifted her up and handed her over to Austin who went outside carrying Kelly in his arms.I breathed in slowly, I really hope we were not attacked by that group of vampires,Kelly is a monster and we can't do anything about it.I hovered outside,it was quite a nice day actually,the sky was clear and the air was warm,just like if i teleported back to the University.I really wish I could teleport back,but that power taken away from me by the head mistress for the journey we are on,I hate that witch,she's such a snob like her daughter Ramona,when I think about her it makes me sick.I hovered into my tent,it was full of books and candles,just the way I like my room to be. "Jade,can you come over here?" I turned around,to see Luke waving behind his tent which is closer to the willow trees.I hovered over to him and a worried look on his,this must be important I thought. "Jade,there's something I've meant to tell you ages ago" "What is it Luke?" "After all these years,I wanted to tell you that I-" "SOMEBODY GRAB HER! SHES GONE CRAZY!" Suddenly Kelly jumped down from a  tree beside us,I automatically zoomed off the scene into the  lake and dived in.

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