You and me are ment to be

On Amy's birthday her little brother, Nick, gives her the best birthday present ever.


9. Chapter 9

I got in to Harry's car. The fans had finally leaved. Well, the police came to get the away, but at least they weren't there. I looked at Harry as he was about to start the car. It was only me and Harry, finally. Nick had said that he was going out to meet his friend Nate. Nate was our neighbor before, but he moved to London 8 months ago. I smiled at Harry and he smiled back as he drove to his and Louis' flat. "So, what are we going to do? I asked after an awkward silence. "Well, I don't know, but I guess we'll come up with something." He smiled. And of course I smiled back. "You've got a beautiful smile." Harry said. I felt my cheeks get hot and I knew I was blushing. "Thanks." I muttered, looking out the window. He chuckled. "What?" I smiled slightly. "Nothing." He drove to the right and then he stopped at Milkshake City. "Weren't we going to your flat?" I asked confused. "Yes, but I thought we should get a milkshake first." He grins. "Oh, well, I knew that." I said looking out, pretending like nothing. "Sure, you did. So, let's go get a milkshake." He chuckled and got out of the car.
As we got a milkshake each we got back to the car, after Harry had signed some autographs. And he'd taken some pictures with some fans of course. We were now heading to Harry and Louis' flat. He drove the car up and parked outside. Harry got out of the car and got over to my side and opened my door. "Come'an." Harry smiles and offered me his hand. I took it and he smiled. I felt sparks as we touched. I've only known him for a little while and already now, I know that I'm head over heals for him. But I guess, for him, this was just to be friendly and to make sure that I won't run the other way out of being nervous. I felt a little sad as I though the first thought, that we'd only be friends, but as I thought of running away out of being nervous I chuckled. He turned to me. "What?" He said as he laid his hand on the door knob. He looked at me serious and let go of the door knob again. He leaned to the door. I shook my head and smiled at him. He chuckled and shook his head too. He must think I'm, like, crazy or something. He just stood there and then our head again moved towards each other. We were only a couple of inches apart now. Did he like me back? The door shut open once again. Harry lost his balance and fell to the floor, as he had been holding my hand I fell on top of him. 'What now?' I think as I get pulled down to the floor. "Oh, eh, well, I... I was just checking if you were going to come in, but I'll go now..." Louis said in a rush before he sprinted down the hall. "I'm-I'm sorry." I muttered and blushed. I got up and pulled Harry with me. "No, I'm the one to say sorry." He blushed a little too. He chuckled and so did I. We walked into the living room. Harry smiled and flung himself at the couch. I just stood there. He clapped on the couch and signed to me to sit down. "This is Amy." Harry says. "Hey." Zayn, Liam and Niall smiles. "Hi." Louis says awkwardly after everyone else. "Hi." i smile shyly to them. "Well, eh... Liam, I... I got to talk to you." Louis says and pulls Liam out holding his arm. Liam smiles and and follows Louis. We are now just sitting here, Zayn, Niall, me and Harry... "Well, I'm gonna get some food." Niall says and almost run to the kitchen. I think I'll have you check on my hair..." Zayn smiles. "See ya later!" he winks before he is heading up the stairs. I turn to look at Harry who's sitting there and you staring into nowhere. "Niall, I know you're listening." Harry says, sitting in the same position. "No, I'm not." an Irish accent. I couldn't help but giggle. Harry roll his eyes. "Just go upstairs to the other boys." I heard Niall sigh. "I'm on my way, loverboy." he mumbled that last part. "I heard that!" Harry screams, pretending to be angry. He got up and run into the kitchen. "No! Harry stop!" I heard niall. "Stop! Please. Harry. Stop it!" What are they doing?

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