You and me are ment to be

On Amy's birthday her little brother, Nick, gives her the best birthday present ever.


8. Chapter 8


*Harry's POV!*
I watched her walk into the bathroom, I watched her and smiled at her as she walked through the door. I laid back down on the bed thinking. I was just laying there. I closed my eyes and I felt myself fall deeper and deeper asleep. I flickered my eyes open as I felt someone on top of me. I looked straight into Amy's eyes. Her eyes was beautiful. She smiled. "Are you sleeping in the middle of the day?" she said with a teasing voice as she rolled down from my chest and sat up beside me. I smiled at her and chuckled a little. "No, just almost." I stuck my tongue out at her and she giggled. "Tnaww, your tongue is so cute." she said and make a funny face as she stuck out her tongue at me laughing. I leaned forward and pretended to lick her tongue. We both cracked up laughing. She laid back down beside me. I held me up at my right elbow and looked at her where she laid on my left side. I smiled and she smiled back. I leaned in for a kiss and she leaned in too, just as we where inches apart from each other the door were torn up. We pulled apart from each other. Nick came in as we just was sat up again. She sat a bit apart from me now. I felt crushed inside, sitting so far from her, it tears me to pieces. "Hi, Nick, we were just about to go find you." She smiled. "Oh, well, you Harry, you can't go out there, there are fans all over the parking lot and in the lobby." Nick said it as he pointed at me. "Well, I guess we'll have to stay here then..." I smiled of the thought of using more time with Amy. Nick took a seat by a little table in the other end of the room and started to read a magazine. Probably leaving us to talk. But as I took a closer look, I saw that he that he had the magazine up side down.

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