You and me are ment to be

On Amy's birthday her little brother, Nick, gives her the best birthday present ever.


7. Chapter 7

I woke up by someone talking. I kept my eyes closed as I listened to their conversation. "She's still asleep?" I heard the first person say, I was still a bit tired so I didn't quite recognize who the owner of the voice was. "Yes, but she probably needs it for tonight when we're going to the concert." Another voice said, I recognized the voice as Nick's voice. "Yeah." I heard the voice as I now recognized as Harry's voice. What was he doing here?! I still had my eyes closed. "So, what should we do until Amy wakes up?" Harry said. "I don't know... But I think I'm going down to get some food or something..." Nick's voice died out. Harry mumbled something. Then Nick's voice was mumbling something. "Let's go to grab some food, I'll just leave a note for her here." He said. He sounded as he was the oldest of us, but he was one years younger than me, he was 15. He sounded like the big brother, who would beat up my boyfriends that had hurt me. He was the most responsible that way, but at the same time he *** annoying and childish. "Sure." Harry replied. I heard someone scribbling down something, I assumed it was Nick leaving me a note. I heard the door getting closed. I waited around one more minute before I sat up in bed. CLICK! The door was opened again and I threw myself back down, pretending to sleep. I heard on the way the person walked that it wasn't Nick. I heard the person humming on What Makes you Beautiful. Was it Harry? I listened to the steps, I didn't quite recognize them. I felt the bed bend down as someone sat down beside my feet. I felt my heart beat harder. I laid completely quiet. I took a deep breath and I heard someone chuckle. Harry. I could recognize that chuckling everywhere. My heart started to beat more normal as I realized it wasn't anyone creepy, I was still just lying there. "OK Amy, I know you're awake. Gemma does that all the time." he said. I couldn't help but smile. "Besides, I saw you as you lie back down as I came in." You giggled as you opened your eyes. "What are you doing here? I thought you were going to go grab some food?" I still giggled. "Oh, well, there was some fans that saw me and Nick gave me his key and I ran back here because they started to run after me." I nodded. I sat up and looked at him. I smiled. His brown curls was so cute as they bumped around his face. "What?" He smiled. "Nothing, just smiling." I was still smiling. I flung my feet out of the bed. "So... Ehrm... How much of our conversation did you hear?" Harry asked me gently. "Just from where you asked if I still was asleep." I looked at him. I saw his shoulders drop of... was it relief? Did they talk about something I wasn't supposed to know about? Did they talk about me? "Well, I should get dressed so I can go get some food." I smiled at him. I got up from the bed and walked over to my suitcase. I took out some clothes and as I walked to the bathroom I shook my butt a little bit more than usual. I turned around and smiled at him just as I walked into the bathroom. (I got dressed in this:

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