You and me are ment to be

On Amy's birthday her little brother, Nick, gives her the best birthday present ever.


4. Chapter 4

"Well, here I am!" I said confused. "Well, happy birthday!" he smiled. "Thanks." i smiled. Harry Styles knew it was my birthday? OK! NOW I'm confused. "Oh, and here it's your birthday present, it's from your brother. Nick, right?" He smiled and handed me a box. "Erhm, thanks, I think." I giggled feeling your cheeks burn. I opened it. "OMG! YES!!!!" I screamed of happiness. I was fangirling like never before. Nick really got me 1d concert tickets? I just SO love my little brother! Harry laughed. "I-I-I mean, c-cool.. It's j-just what I wanted." I blushed as never before and looked down. And I thought I'd give you something too, here," he smiled and handed me a envelope. "Oh, thanks." You smiled and opened it. "V.I.P tickets?" you said looking at Harry with disbelief. "Yeah, I thought you should get something from me and I didn't know what to give you." He grinned. "Thank you so, so, so, soooo much!" you smile and hug him. 'OMG!! I can't believe I'm hugging Harry Styles!' my thoughts keep saying. "So, let's go back to your family." he smiled and offered me to take his hand. I gladly took it. With a huge grin on my face, I and Harry walked back to our car.

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