You and me are ment to be

On Amy's birthday her little brother, Nick, gives her the best birthday present ever.


3. Chapter 3


I saw the tree Nick was talking about. "OK," I said and opened the note. I sighted as I saw his beautiful handwriting. I had to sing it? This is what Nick had wrote: "When you open this note. I told you to read it, but you actually have to sing it." It sighted when I realized it was from I Should've kissed you. I coughed and then I started to sing.
"When you stood there, just a heartbeat away
When we were dancing, and you looked up at me
If I had known then that I'd be feeling this way
If I could replay I would never have let you go
No, oh, never have let you go
Am I out of time?"

I stood there, feeling like a complete idìot. "Why did I do as he said?" I mumbled to myself. "That was amazing!" I heard a familiar, but still a bit strange voice. I sighted, 'why am I so stupid, I knew I shouldn't do it' I thought. "Are you going look at me or what?" the voice giggled. That's when I realized my eyes were closed. I blushed. "Oh, eh, yeah, sure..." I giggled at my self, feeling dumb. I opened my eyes and saw a boy standing in front of me. 'My brother is giving me a boyfriend as a birthday present?' I thought. I took a closer look. His curls looked very familiar. His electric green eyes were so beautiful. 'OMG! It's Harry Styles!' my head yelled. But I stayed mute. I didn't say a word. "H-Hi." I smiled. "Hey." He giggled. "Soooo.... What are you doing here?" I asked. "I was looking for Amy Uwera" He smiled. 

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