You and me are ment to be

On Amy's birthday her little brother, Nick, gives her the best birthday present ever.


2. Chapter 2


I took a look at myself in the mirror. "Perfect!" I thought smiling. "Come'an, if you want to get the present you have to come now, the present doesn't got all day!" Nick said from outside the bathroom. "I'm coming." I giggled as I opened the door.
We got into the car and drove for half an hour. We were now driving in the middle of a forest. "Where are we going?" I asked nervously. "We're there soon." my mum smiled. "So, while we drive to the present from your brother you can open this one, it's from me and your dad." She handed me a red box with a silver band on. I opened the card, it said: "Happy birthday! The day is your's so enjoy it!" I read the text inside the card. It was written with my mum's messy hand writing. I opened the box. "Seriously? Thank you so, so much!" I whined in excitement. "You like it?" My dad smiled. "Of course I do! It's a brand new iPod with a camera!" I smiled. My brother smiled. "What?" I said. "Nothing, but you got so happy for this present, that I'm almost afraid you won't like my present," he smiled crooked. "I think I'll love it! I'll be happy for every think I get." I smiled and dragged him into a hug. "I hope so." he grinned. "And I know so!" My mum said. I giggled.
"So, here we are!" my dad said. He stepped out of the car and opened my door. "OK?" I said confused. Nick came up by my side. "OK, so if you walk this way," he pointed towards a path. "You will get to a big three, looking a bit like the one we used to climb in when we where younger. Stop there and say this." He handed me a note. I was about to open it, but he took it out of my hands. "But, don't open it before you are there. When you open it, you read it out loud. OK?" he looked at me with a grin. "Yeah, OK. But, I don't want to go in there alone..." I mumbled the last part. "Come'an, It's not scary, I promise, nothing bad will happen!" he smiled and pushed me a bit towards the path. "Fine. But you better be here when I come back!" I said and pointed at them. "Yeah, yeah, we will." my mum smiled. "Go Amy, do as your brother says, trust him" My dad smiled. "OK, OK, I'm going" I smiled and walked into the forest.

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