You and me are ment to be

On Amy's birthday her little brother, Nick, gives her the best birthday present ever.


11. Chapter 11


"Man! Niall! I thought he was going to kìll you or something!" I laughed as Niall came running into my room. "I thought he would!" he muttered. "But, dude like I told you, he really does like her, and by the way she looks at him I think she likes him back!" I said and sighed. I looked at him seriously. "Wow, I don't suggest any of you to do that! At least I won't!" Zayn chuckled. "Me neither!" Liam smiled. "Well, I don't think I'm going to do it again..." Niall mumbles. I giggle and look at him. "You don't think you are going to do it again?" I said, putting a pressure on the word "think". "Well, yes, I don't think I'm going to!" he mutters. "Well, well, mate, you're living dangerously if you that again." I laugh. Liam and Zayn laughs too. Niall sighs and looks down.

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