I have been through so much this past week. My bilogical father trying to contact me...everything. Just please read this. Its all true except for the whole One Direction thing. xx Sammi <3
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8. Chapter 8

Louis's POV

I heard people screaming, I turned around to find that those people were Sammi and Liam.

"Hey Ryan, can you please watch Tommy as I go figure out whats wrong with them?" I asked Ryan as I pointed to Sammi and Liam, he nodded then took Tommy's carrier from me, then I ran up to them.

"Guys whats wrong?" I asked concerned.

"The father is Liam Payne." the doctor pipped up.

"What?" I asked in disbelief.

"I said-" the doctor began, but I cut him off "I heard what you said...but how?" I asked still in disbelief.

"We were drunk" Sam said "then that must have happened..?" Liam continued more like a question.

"You guys sound unsure." I stated angrly, as the doctor walked back inside.

"It just happened..." Sammi said with a shrug.

"You sound like its not a problem!" I yelled.

"This isnt working out at all. Wouldnt it be alot better if we werent together?!" Sammi asked/yelled.

"Sammi, I didnt mean it like that..." I said as my voice got softer.

"Thats exactly what you are basically saying. Maybe we would be better off as friends..." she responded, as she handed me her ring, and left Liam ran after her.

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