I have been through so much this past week. My bilogical father trying to contact me...everything. Just please read this. Its all true except for the whole One Direction thing. xx Sammi <3
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6. Chapter 6

Louis's POV

Yay! She is having a baby! I jumped up in joy sending her to the ground...oh crap! I ran up to her and helped her up.

"Im sorry babe, are you alright?" I asked her concerned.

"Ya...I guess...oh hey when we get to New York, can we stop at the doctors?" she asked.

"Ya we sure can. What do you want? A boy or girl?" I asked.

"I want a boy. I have no idea why though...haha." she responded with a chuckle as she tried to stand up, but failed and fell on top of me sending me under her.

"Hey ya babe, im so glad that we are married!" I exclaimed as I kissed her...then she pulled away and ran straight to the bathroom...oh ya morning sickness...just great.

......8 months and 3 weeks later.....


Sammi's POV

Me and Louis were in the middle of setting up baby albums when I instantly felt pain in my stomach...then my pants were wet...oh gosh!

"Louis!" I yelled in pain.

"Ya?" he asked as he rushed over to my side.

"Its tim-ow!" I exclaimed.

"ITS TIME?!" he yelled in excitement as he picked me up bridal style I had no idea that he was that strong, and ran me to the car...taking off in seconds after buckling me in. The ride there is 58 minutes, I dont think I can hold it anymore.

"Louis! He's coming!" I exclaimed. Yup, its a boy!

"Shit! Hold on!" he said as he went through peoples property driving, in under 10 minutes we were there. I was then rushed in on a stretcher (gurney), with Louis by my side.

......10 minutes later.....

I heard a baby cry and all the pain eased up alot. I sighed as I saw our baby boy in the arms of the doctor.

As the doctor was checking up on my baby Tommy I heard them all gasp, and immediantly put injections in him. What the hell is going on?!

"Whats going on?!" I yelled as tears poured down my face.

"He...he has one kidney that is working properly at 100% the other one is not working that well...he may have kidney failure which would cause him to die." he responded, as he hooked the heart monitor up to Tommy...


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