I have been through so much this past week. My bilogical father trying to contact me...everything. Just please read this. Its all true except for the whole One Direction thing. xx Sammi <3
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3. Chapter 3

Louis's POV

God, this 'J' guy is really stupid! He left the window open on the top...literly open where you could see the shades move. I began to crawl up the house, but some guy came up to me.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"I could ask you the same question." he responded.

"Im Louis...and you dont look like this 'J' guy...who are you?" I asked while crossing my arms.

"I am look like my cousin's crush that she has been talking about..." he replied with a smile, making me blush.

"Haha...but she really is amazing! you know who this 'J' guy is?" I asked him.

"Ya...he is Sam's biological father...why?" he questioned.

"Well...he took her..." I responded.

"Oh hell no!" he yelled while running up to the house, and climbing up...maybe thats why I didnt make it far. So I tried what he did...and well I ran right into the house and fell on my bum...I think I lost some of my sassiness.

"There is a ladder right next to you..." Ryan yelled down...I took the ladder up, making sure I didnt fall. Which I didnt thank gosh.

Me and Ryan made our way inside the room...and there stood Sam, with J beating her non-stop. Ryan quickly tackled him to the ground before I could even think. I ran up and pulled Sam away from them, rocking her back and forth in front of the closet. 'You are a great guy...' I heard someone whisper....wait who was it though?!

I watched Ryan as he punched 'J' rapidly...putting him in a head lock, making his circulation get cut off. The Ryan pulled out a knife from his pocket...and stabbed him...until he bled out. Making Sam start laughing uncontrolably.

Then I heard 3 knocks on the closet door, I slowly opened the door...

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