I have been through so much this past week. My bilogical father trying to contact me...everything. Just please read this. Its all true except for the whole One Direction thing. xx Sammi <3
Email me if you want;


1. Chapter 1

- Sammi, I am sorry for leaving you. I really am. I have changed though, please come back in my life. I miss you. xx Jesse your father-

My instant reaction was to get my brother. I hurried up and called him, ya at 11:58pm.

"Sam, whats wrong?" Niall asked through the other end. I started to bawl, like never before...making my make-up run down my face.

"Niall, he is back." I choked out.

"Me and the other's are on our way, be there in 5. Dont due anything stupid though." he responded. You see a few years ago...I cut, to much stress...I was never to good enough, but that was before and this is now, I stopped cutting since 5 months ago...ya it was hard, but I managed to stop. Now Niall is in a band with the others, and I go on tour wherever and whenever he does.

"Ok, I wont. Love you Liam see you soon." I replied.

"Love you too bye." he said, then the line went dead. Not even 5 minutes later, he came rushing into my room with the other's behind him. I only met them once and that was when I was in the hospital, when I cut too deep. Now all that is left is scars nothing more than that.

I was brought into a group hug by all of them, it was nice to know that they are always here for me. Mum...well she is on a business trip for awhile, and isnt expected to be back for another 4 months. 

"Sam, what did he do this time?" Niall asked as everyone released me.

"He messaged me on facebook." I responded while wipping my tears away.

"Can I see the message?" he asked. I nodded and showed him the message.

"What do I do?" I whispered.

"Ignore it. If he does it again...then add the Sam touch." he responded while nudging me, making me chuckle a bit. Just then my iPod touch dinged making me jump over everyone and grab it, me still laying on their laps...I read the message.

-Sam, I really want to see you coming to pick you up tomorrow. xx J your father-

-Haha no way in hell im going to see you. I hate you!-

-Well, I miss you in my life. Now your coming with me wether you like it or not. xx J your father-

-So you leave me for so many years then you just randomly come to me and be like an ass. Im not going to see you.-

-Watch. xx J your father- 

"Niall...we have to call the police." I exclaimed and started to cry...I tossed my iPod at him, then grabbed Louis' phone from his pocket...then dialled the police.

"Hello, what is your problem?" he asked through the phone.

"My biological father...he wants to see me...and well I dont want to then he is like watch" I responded really fast...just then my phone went off. I quickly answered it.

"Sam...I have your mum." it said then the line went dead on my phone. In seconds police showed up at my house and started to ask questions. I could barely answer, knowing my mum wasnt ok. Then suddenly I was being dragged out of the house.

"Somebody HELP ME!" I shouted, just as I was being placed into the back of a car.

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