Do you still love me?

Madison is a just a girl who knew a boy. This boy was her best friend. Well until her friend tried out for the X Factor. She thought he moved on from her, to bigger and better things, but he never got over her. Over two years Madison watched her best friend join a boy band, and be one of the biggest boy bands in the world. One Direction.


1. One Direction tickets & and meeting at a park

Madison's P.O.V.


           I woke up to the sound of my mum screaming my name. "What do you want?" I asked walking downstairs. "Look what I bought you honey!" My mum yelled. "Mum! One Direction tickets?!" "Why aren't you happy?" she asked. "Mum you know Harry is in One Direction. Why would you do that?" "Well i thought since you know him that you might just want to get over it and talk to him. You can't just run away from your problems sweetie." "I hate you." i mumbled taking the tickets. The concert is tommorow? i asked myself. Why? Well maybe, just maybe, i could catch Harry's attention. 



                     I was walking through the park when I saw a boy. A very familiar looking boy. With curly hair... and green eyes? Of course. This would happen. "Harry?" I asked. "Not another fan." he mumbled. "Hi I- Madison?" I smiled and shook my head yes. "I know it has been a while." I said. "I'm surprised you remember me." "How could I forget you?" he asked. "So you coming to any concerts?" "Actually yes." i said holding up the tickets for tommorow. "Oh so maybe after the concert you could come hang out backstage?" "Sure see you later."  I said. "Wait do you maybe wanna come to the tour bus now and hang out?" "I really can't." "But Madi!!" "Fine, you you got me Styles but only for a little while." "Yessss! This way!" he said leading me to his car. He opened the door for me and I climbed in. "Did you miss me?" I asked. "I did..." he said. I turned and looked at him. He started moving in slowly until our lips touched. We kissed for about a minute until I polled away. "I'm so sorry Harry!" I said as I started climbing out of the car. He grabbed my wrist. "No it's fine. I wanted to kiss you." I smiled and blushed a bit and sat back  down. We drove to the tour bus and the whole time Harry's hand was on my theigh. 

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