These things we call "perfect"

I'd prefer to live a life without danger. But really, would that be smart?

Follow a few teenagers through their lives, with different problems.


2. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fattest of them all?

One dream, one life and one choice. I look at the fat on my hips. So disgusting. All I see is fat. Fat. Fat. Everywhere; on other people, in food, at the gym, even in songs. I feel the fat on my bones. Not thin enough, not good enough.

My eyes are empty, so as I feel. I roll down my sleeves, and I turn my head up at the person behind the desk. All I can think of is the chubby sheeks she has, and the curly hair, with green eyes. And I know for sure - with the tiny, round glasses on, she looks exactly like Harry Potter.

"Amanda? I'm talking to you!"

"Yes ... yes ..." I whisper. I can't do this.

"So I was beginning to say that if this goes on, I'll tell your parents."

"What?! NO!" I bite my lip and look frustrated down at the floor. I didn't know what to say nor do. I couldn't let my parents know, that I'm that underweight beneath my baggy clothes.

I stare at the school nurse, at swallow slowly.

"Why ...?" Pincing in the eyes, shaking lips and tearing my nails down my sweather I watch her take a deep breath, and I just shake my head and get up on my feet.

Before turning around and walking away,

I can hear her voice behind me slowly fading away. Fat pig, I think by myself. But in reality I was the fat pig in this game.

During the evening I just sit on my chair in the classroom, not moving. I'm too tired to move. And too tired to even breathe.


I'm sleeping. Go away.


I'm too tired. Too exhausted to even look at the person I know is Bryan.

"Amanda!" His voice is more raw this time. I feel his hands on my shoulders, and the only thing I can see is black.


I'm walking in a tunnel. I don't know where I am, just that the "beep" I hear is really annoying me. I walk, slowly. Not knowing what to do nor where I am. Where am I?

I open my mouth, nothing but air comes out of me. I shut my mouth. Seeing a light sparkle in the tunnel. And like a fly, the light catches my attention and I walk towards it. It's like I'm being sucked in the light. I can't hide. Can't escape. I can only walk towards it. Every way I turn, it's there. Every way I look, it's there. I can't do nothing.

My breath catches up, like I never have breathed in my entire life. I try to lift my hand up, but somehow I can't. It's all wired up with needles. I scream.

But somehow I only end up saying like a crow. Like I never have spoken in forever.


And there I was, lying in the hospital without a clue. Not knowing what to do.


But they told me one thing:

If you don't begin to eat again, you'll never get to see the sun rise again.


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