Baby, I was born this way

Sarabelle is not just a normal 19 year old. Unlike many, She is a Demon. Her best friend Kate is the only mortal to know. Her parents both suffered life in hell where Satan (The Devil) finds Sarabelle to be useless and sends her to the overworld. Sarabelle doesn't like One Direction much but Kate is crazy for them. Find out more by reading; Baby, I was born this way.


4. I can't believe it!

We both raced to my closet.  I had some dresses but not many.  Most of them were red or black or red and black.  I guess it was my signature color.  My hair was dip-dyed red then slowly faded into black at the very tips.  It was my style and I enjoyed it.

My eyes darted around my closet.  In one quick movement, Kate pulled out a dress that I bought one day for a school prom I never attended.  It was a strapless black around my chest area with a big black bow. Then it flowed down red to my low thigh.  Then I took a leather jacket and put it over it.  Next I took some black pumps and a black british flag clutch.  Kate pushed me to curl my hair so I said. "What harm can It do?"  So enough I was done and I looked decent if I do say so myself.


He was here!  I rushed out and his smile just brightend.  I opend the car door.

"Hello, Boobear!" I sqeal and give him that big hug he promised. "Where are we going?"

"To a fancy italian resturaunt."  He said, I just giggled.

"Do you know how to speak italian?" I ask

"No. Do you?" He asked, half serious.

"Yeah, I do, actually." I said, cooly.

"Cool!  See how much I am learning.!" He shouts.  I laughed at his excitement.

The whole way there, we talked about anything and everything.  Finally, we arrived.  I dreaded having to tell him about being a... demon.

We went into the doors.  Man. This place was beautiful.  It was black, red and gold.  Hah.  How weird.

We sat down and got our food.  He ate his but I only played with mine.

"Are you okay, love?" he asked.

"Look I have something to tell you." I said, almost choking up.

"Yes, love! Anything." He said, seriously.

"I am.. am... demonly posessed."

"Your what now!?" Lou yells. "I can't believe it!"

I dreaded what was coming next from him.  Would he hate me forever?

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