Baby, I was born this way

Sarabelle is not just a normal 19 year old. Unlike many, She is a Demon. Her best friend Kate is the only mortal to know. Her parents both suffered life in hell where Satan (The Devil) finds Sarabelle to be useless and sends her to the overworld. Sarabelle doesn't like One Direction much but Kate is crazy for them. Find out more by reading; Baby, I was born this way.


3. Awe! Boobear.

Sarabelle's P.o.v~

Louis:  She Cheated on me.

Someone cheated on Louis Tomlinson?  The sweetest most caring person I've ever met.

Me:  Oh boobear.  Next time I see you I will give you  BIG hug!  By the way... whens the date?

Louis:  How about tonight? 6:55?

By now,  me and Kate were home sitting on the couch watching the x-factor.

Me: Yeah okay.

Louis: Bye!  I love you.

That surprised me.

Me:  I love you, too.

I hung up and told Kate.  She squealed and insisted on helping me find a dress.



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