Baby, I was born this way

Sarabelle is not just a normal 19 year old. Unlike many, She is a Demon. Her best friend Kate is the only mortal to know. Her parents both suffered life in hell where Satan (The Devil) finds Sarabelle to be useless and sends her to the overworld. Sarabelle doesn't like One Direction much but Kate is crazy for them. Find out more by reading; Baby, I was born this way.


2. A Date?

Sarabelle's P.o.v

"Thats a beautiful name.  I'm Louis.  If you didn't know." Louis says.

"My friend loves your band! She obsesses over Harry." I say, laughing.  He made me laugh! "I actually laughed!"

Louis seems sort of surprised when I hug him

"When I'm with you I get this feeling. What is it?" I ask, uncertain of this emotion. I still hug him.

"I feel the same way. I think I like you. Will you go on a date with me?"

"Yes!" I say, he didn't have to ask me twice. We exchange numbers and I kiss his cheek. Sending an electric shock down my spine.

I walk up past Kate and drag her away from her conversation.


"I got all their numbers except Louis'!" Kate squeals.

"Well I got Lou's number and a Date with him." I say, calm, cool and collected.

"Oh my gosh!" Kate screams.

By now we were in the car going home. I turn the radio on.

"One Direction's Louis Tomlinson breaks up with Eleanor Calder for mystery girl or was Eleanor caught cheating?" The annoucer says.

*A/N- I have nothing against El. I actually really like her.*

I turn off the radio when I get a text. Boobear <3

Lou- Hello, Love.

Me- Hello, Boobear. What's this about an Eleanor Calder I hear?

Lou- She was cheating on me. 

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