Baby, I was born this way

Sarabelle is not just a normal 19 year old. Unlike many, She is a Demon. Her best friend Kate is the only mortal to know. Her parents both suffered life in hell where Satan (The Devil) finds Sarabelle to be useless and sends her to the overworld. Sarabelle doesn't like One Direction much but Kate is crazy for them. Find out more by reading; Baby, I was born this way.


1. Not just anyone

       Hi there!  My name is Sarabelle.  I do not have a last name that I know of.  I am 19 years old and I have blonde to the waist hair.  My eyes are a deep brown like chocolate. So far,  I may sound normal but to be honest,  I'm not.  I am a Demon. Before you wanna start hating all up in my grill, I will tell you a little about demons.

       I became a demon by being born into the underworld.  My mom didn't know that my father worked for.. Him.  My mother, Haitie, was forced to sell me to The Devil.

       I live in the over-world or Earth because I am over 18 and I failed my quest to be a demon so the devil thought I was worthless.

       How do I become a mortal, you may ask? I'd really love to be full-Human but it wont come easily.  I have to find some "True Love" and we need to do some spells.  But for me, Finding love will never happen I mean, Look at me. Hello! Demon!?  Any boy I find will run off when I tell him I'm one.  What will happen if he's not my true love?  I will have to kill him. 

       What does being a demon do? One good thing that come out of it is that I can't feel physical pain but bad things are that I have the urge to Kill and be bad.  Even suicidal thoughts occur.  Music, Dancing and Kate (My mortal friend) are the only things that keep me sane.

       I remember meeting Kate.  We were both in Grade 3.  I was the "Weirdo". Kate was the one who always wanted to be my friend even if I hurt her.  Once I cut her arm but she still forgave me.

       I now live with Kate in England and I have developed an accent.  Tonight. We go to a "One Direction" concert. Time to get my ear plugs.


Sarabelle's P.o.v

"SARA! Come on! We are going to be LATE!" Kate yells.

"We have like, 3 hours!" I yell, checking my phone.

"The lines are going to be too long!"

"Fine!  I'm coming! Calm your Human Hormones WOMAN!" I yell, sighing.

I was wearing my favourite strapless red shirt that read the words "Death & Decay" black skinny jeans and my white converse.


The concert was FINALLY over and Kate and I are heading backstage will 2 other blonde girls around 14 and 16.

They got there signatures and pictures than is was Kate's turn.  As the 16 year old was leaving she scoffed and flicked her blonde hair over he shoulder

"This is a One Direction concert not some Punk Rock Death festival." she says in a snotty way as she walks out.

One of the boys, Lewis or Louis or whatever and walks over to me and see's the tears building up in my eyes.  Soon one escapes and he gently wipes it away.

"Don't let what they say get to you." He says, so caring.

"Thanks but,  I'm kind of used to it." I say, softly

"Something tells me you don't want to be here." He says, sligtly smiling.

Louis' P.o.v

This girl is very beautiful. I've never seen such gorgeous eyes on a girl.  They're kind of like Zayns.

"Not really." She says, sniffling. "No offence!"

"None taken, Love." I say as she smiles.  Somehow, I can tell she doesn't do it often but it just makes her 100x more beautiful.  I glance at her friend thats chatting up a storm with Niall and Harry.

"wow." she says, surprised.


"I actually smiled.  The first time in a long time."

"Say.  Whats your name love?"







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