Catching Feelings

My Justin Bieber Fanfic for the contest! Please read, and like! I would love to win! I love Justin so much! He's one of my biggest inspirations! :)


2. Ok You Can Go

Cassie woke up with her head on her binder, and a pencil in her hand. Wow I must have been really tired, I had a LOT of homework! Cassie thought to herself, waking up and getting off her bed. She grabbed some new clothes, walked into the bathroom, and took a shower. When she came out, she fellt refreshed, and happy, then the concert came to her mind. Cassie jogged down the stairs, and into the kitchen. "Morning sweetheart!" Her mom said with a happy tone of voice. "Morning...." Cassie mumbled back. "Why so glum?" Her mom said confused. "You know why mom! I know you do!" Cassie snapped back. "Don't take that tone with me, or I'll change my mind" "What are you talking about? You aren't letting my go..." "Well I've thought, and talked to Trish's mom, and you can go. Her mom said it was ok, and that she would watch you." "Oh My Gosh! Mom are you serious! Thank you so much!!!" Cassie squealed, hugging her mom. "Your welcome, just don't make me change my mind!" Her mom said serious, but then smiled. Cassie nodded, grabbed an apple and ran up to her room. 'OMG Trish!! I'm so excited!' Cassie texted Trish. 'Me too! My mom told me! I can't wait!' 'IKR!! Its only May 21st! We have 24 days to get ready!' 'Its gonna be great!' Cassie smiled, turned on her radio, and popped in Justin's 'Believe' album. She turned up the volume, and sang and danced around her room. She couldn't help but be over excited.

Noon came, and she started to get hungry. She ran down the stairs once again, and made a sandwich, and grabbed some chips and a soda, and ran back upstairs. She spent most of her time in her room. Her walls are purple, but you could hardly see one of her walls, because of all of her fabulous Justin Bieber posters. Her bed was light blue, and her blanket zebra stripped. She had lights hanging across the head board, and a desk across the room. Along with a bookshelf, and a fuzzy green chair. She loved her room, it made her feel calm, and relaxed.

At the moment, Cassie had her laptop on her bed, logged into twitter, and her phone to the side. She ate her lunch, while checking all the latest tweets. She decided to tweet Justin, '@justinbieber Hey Justin! I won tickets to see you, front row, on June 14th! Can't wait, and I'll get to meet ya! Ur awesome! Can't wait to see you!' She laughed, knowing he wouldn't reply. She then logged off, and closed her laptop. She layed back on her bed, and grabbed her phone. She clicked on Instagram and scrolled through all the new posts, then her phone beeped, with a Twittwe message. Cassie opened it, and starred at it in shock. It read '@biebsgirl13 Haha first, love the name! And 2, thats great! Can't wait to meet you too! Thanks for being a fan! Love ya!' Cassie was frozen, OMG...Is this really happening? Did Justin Bieber just tweet me? She sat up, and smiled ear to ear. I can't wait for une 14th to roll around!


----sorry if its not tht good----

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