Catching Feelings

My Justin Bieber Fanfic for the contest! Please read, and like! I would love to win! I love Justin so much! He's one of my biggest inspirations! :)


1. The Contest

Win tickets now, to see Justin Bieber in concert, and also a meet-n-greet! Call NOW!! Cassie picked up her phone, and dialed the number. I want to win so bad! Justin is absolutely amazing! Going to a concert would be epic! Cassie thought to herself as the phone rang and rang. Then a excited vioce answered the call, "Hey! Do you want to see Justin Bieber in concert?" "Yes!! I really do!" Cassie answered, her vioce was on the radio. "Well it's you're lucky day! You will get to see Justin, in concert on June 14th!" "OH MY GOSH!!! Are you serious!?!?!?!" "Yea, and you'll get to meet Justin, and hang out with him after the concert!" "OMG! This is amazing! Thank you so much! AHHH!" Cassie screamed with enthusiasum. "Just come to the station to pick up your tickets by June 1st, and you'll have the best night of you're life!" "Ok! Thank you so much!" Cassie hung up the phone and screamed with excitment. "Cassie?!?! What's wrong?" Her mom yelled up the stairs. Cassie ran out of her room, downt the hallway, and down the stairs, next to her mom. "I just won Justin Bieber concert tickets!!" "Oh that's great! When is it?" "June 14th!" She replied out of breath. "Cassie, I told you, we are going to grandma and grandpa's house that week. You can't go." "But mom! This is my dream! I get front row tickets, and I get to meet him! I'm 16! I can stay home, and go with Trish! (Cassie's BFF) Please mom!" "I'm sorry, Cassie, but we are going to be gone for a week. No." "I can stay with Trish! Her family loves me! They won't care! MOM!" "I'll talk to Trish's mom, but I'm still not saying yes." "UGGHH! This is ridiculous!" That was the last thing Cassie said before stomping upstairs to her room, and slammed the door. She threw herself onto her bed, and put her face in her pillow. Why can't she see that I have been waiting for this forever! She doesn't  understand anything! She grabbed her phone, and called Trish. "Hey Cassie! What's up?" Trish said happily. "Well I won Justin Bieber tickets, and a meet-n-greet." Cassie said agravated. "THATS GREAT!!! Why are you not celebrating?" "Because my mom said I can't go! I'm going to my grandparents house that week. I told her I could stay with you, but she didn't say a deffinate yes. She gonna call your mom." "Oh that really sucks, and my mom won't mind! Besides, you will bring me right? HaHa! I hope so!" "Thats what I told her, but she is so stubborn! And yes, Trish, of course I would take you! Who else would go?" "True, true. Well lets just hope your mom changes her mind." "Yea, well that will be a miracle. I got to go, I have homework to get done. Talk to you later." "KK, Bye!" With that, Cassie hung up the phone, and grabbed her binder, and started her homework.

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