Sophie is a 14 year old that is killed by a vampire dying for thirst. she then turns into a vampire and finds the cullens. her life is turned around but she eventually turns against them andgoes of crating a bunch of newborns for her gang. what will her thousands of years bring her...


2. The Cullens

I walk up into the forest with my head hung in shame. I didn't want to do what I just had to do, it doesn't feel right. There has to be another way that I can get blood. Animals have blood, I could become a doctor and get blood from the hospital but I might end up killing the paitent... I'll stick with the animal thing.

As I walk through the forest I pick up heartbeats and the smell of blood but it doesn't smell right. It doesn't have the tang that was in the human blood. It has to be an animal. I run as fast as I can which is deffinatly faster than when I was human but when I get to the point of the smell there is no animals, or humans just a dead, lifeless deer, someones been here before. I follow the footsteps in the mud that leads me to a giant glass house, it's amazing. I haven't seen anything like this before. There is a blonde female and a muscular, handsome brown haired male on the second floor and I think the rest of the family gathered round a black, shiney piano played by the most gorgeous, auburn haired male. I walk up to the front of the house where a tall blonde male is waiting for me, like he was expecting me to be here.

"Hello, are you lost or something?" He questions me walking forward and reaching my hand.

"No, I'm sophie and I'm fourteen and last night a man... Monster... Thing, sort of attacked me and I've kind of changed a bit since then." I said awkwardly.

"Vampire, yes I know. Me and my family are vampires and you are one now." He said walking up to me and pushing my hair of my shoulder, touching my neck with his fingers. "You were bitten." He whispered.

"Yeah, what is your name?" I ask him as the rest of the family come out.

"I am Carlisle, this is Esme my wife, Edward and Bella, Emmett and Rosalie and Jasper and Alice." He said pointing to every single person and then hugging Esme around the waist. "Oh and this is Renesmee." He said as a small, adorable five year old came running from behind Edwards leg.

"How old is she, five?" I said stroking her cheek. "She is so adorable." I hushed.

"She is actually thirteen months old... Um, I will explain to you later..." Edward said smiling at my astonished face. How can she be only thirteen months old, she has one adult tooth and she looks nothing like a baby. Amazing!

"Okay." I squeeked as the whole family burst into a laugh.

Renesmee walked forward and reached up her hand towards me cheek. I grabbed her waist and lifted her up into my hands. She placed one hand and my cheek and I saw everything. Every thing that has happened since she was born, she is half human half vampire, that is probably the reason I can hear her heartbeat. She grows at an untatral rate every single day. A dog or something is the love of her life and their fight with the voltori. It was amaizng, I have never seen anything so weird yet amazing in my whole life.

"Edward, I don't thing you need to explain it to me anymore." I smiled hugging Renesmee.

"Amazing, right?" He smiled back.

"Yes!" I exclaimed. Carlisle walked over to me and patted me on the back.

"Do you want to come and live with us as I expect you have no were to go, you can't go back home as you would probably end up killing your parents. Sorry." He said looking a bit guilty from telling me that.

"Yes please." I smiled

"Good, there is a spare bedroom on the third floor which I think you will enjoy. Youare about Alice's size so if she doesn't mind, you can borrow her clothes untill we take you shopping to get new ones." He smiled looking over to Alice for her approval.

"Yes it is fine." Alice said running over to me and giving me a huge hug.

"Thanks." I smiled.

My new home...



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