Kierstin and Niall are fighting...again. Then he does something so unexpected, she leaves him and doesn't see him for a while. Until she's invited to Liam and Danielle's wedding (I wrote this before they broke up) and sees him with another girl. She still loves him and wants to get him back. But how will she?


3. The Wedding (A Year Later)

*1 year later*

You were driving to Liam and Danielle's wedding. You haven't seen Niall in a year. You heard rumors about him and Demi getting married, and it broke your heart. You stepped in the church, and saw the 3 boys familiar faces.

"ZAYN, LOUIS THERE'S Kierstin!" Harry screamed running toward you, followed by the other two. "Hey Guys!"you said hugging them, one by one.

Once I finished hugging Zayn,I saw Niall, standing there looking at me. I walked toward him only to be stopped when you saw him and Demi standing next to each other, holding hands. I still walked, fighting back the tears. I missed him dearly when you broke up.

" Hey, Niall." You said, trying not to cry. You put on a fake smile.

"Hey, Kierstin!" He said, trying to hug you.

You hugged awkwardly, it was in front if Demi, so it was really awkward.

"Hey, Demi! This is my umm... Friend, Kierstin" You waved at her and she smiled at you.

"I've heard so much about you, Kierstin!" She said. "The guys talk about you all the time!"

"Oh, really!" You said looking at the other three.

They smiled, but it quickly went away when they saw you were with Niall and Demi.

"Help me" you mouthed.

Harry came over and kissed your cheek.

"It was fun seeing you again!" I can see Niall's face turn to a jealous look.

"Yeah, truly was! Where are the other two?"

"Oh they got busy, but I got something to tell you, follow me!"

"Ok, Bye Guys!" You said to the "lovely" couple.

I followed Harry.

"Ok, what's the plan?"I asked Harry.

"We'll pretend we're dating, Kay?"

"Sounds fun!"

"Yeah but we have to kiss and stuff" He said.

"Dude, your like my Best Friend, I'll kiss you when I wanna kiss you." He chuckled and smirked. "Okay, I'll put my arms around you and all that stuff, I'll tell the other boys the plan."

"Except Niall" you said.

"Yes except Niall"

"Ok, let's go"

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