Kierstin and Niall are fighting...again. Then he does something so unexpected, she leaves him and doesn't see him for a while. Until she's invited to Liam and Danielle's wedding (I wrote this before they broke up) and sees him with another girl. She still loves him and wants to get him back. But how will she?


1. The Fight

Niall walked into our apartment, drunk again. I’m really fed up with it! He comes home every night drunk, and i have to clean up the message makes and take care of his hangovers.

“Niall!” I yelled from the kitchen seeing the broken bottle on the floor.

"Yessss?” He slurred walking into the kitchen.

“You made another mess! I could have cut my foot!” I screamed.

“Well, I’m just trying to have fun!” he protested crossing his arms.

“NIALL YOUR 19,not 5! Your an adult, not a child!”

“Well I’m still young!”

“I’m young too, but do you see me getting drunk every night!” I said, bending over to pick up the glass.


"You know what?!” I yelled getting up.

“What?” Niall screamed back.

“I’m done with you! We…we are..over!” I yelled between tears.

“No! Don’t you dare walk out that door!”

I ran into our…Niall’s room and grabbed a couple piles of clothes.

“Don’t you DARE!”

“Niall, please leave me alone!” I whispered, I was unable to speak, I loved him so much…when he was sober.

“No!” Niall walked over to me.

“GET AWAY!” I shouted, pushing him away from me.

“What the hell?!” he yelled.

“Stop it NOW!” “I’m tired of your constant nagging and bossing me around!” he spat.

He raised his hand and slapped me hard across my face.

“Get the away from me!” I cried and ran out the door.

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