Friends With The Band

Ok I'm gonna try this story I might not finish it but if I don't I will give someone else permission to finish it or use the idea.
He was new in town and didnt know anyone. Who is he you may ask he is Cameron Phillip. Cameron came from London in the UK because his parents wanted a better life for him so he moved to America. Nobody at the school liked Cameron except for (Y/N). Nobody gave him the chance to explain himself besides her. What (Y/N) didn't know was that Cameron was friends with a boy band—but not just any boy band — One Direction to be exact.
So there's the idea for the story if I write it will you read it?


2. A New True Friend

"Hey" oh god even his voice was amazing! And look at those eyes they look even better right in front of you and—wait what right in front of me looking at me!!! Did he just say hi to me? Oh don't be stupid (Y/N) say something back! "Hi" oh god my voice just sounded like a dying whale! I shoulda just waved or something! Oh god he's laughing at me! Wait he's not laughing he's chuckling and smiling....why is he smiling? Is there something on my face? "You know it's not polite to stare" oh my god his accent!! It's amazing! Wait focus and quit staring already! "S-sorry" really you stuttered!! "What's your name love?" Love? He just called me love! Ok this has to be some kinda practical joke! "(Y-y/n)" "Im Cameron. Nice to meet you (y/n)" he stuck out his hand for me to shake. "So uh,where did you come from?" Really (y/n) really!! You can tell where he came from because of his accent! "I'm from London" the London with one direction! What if he knew them! Play it cool (y/n) "cool! I heard its really pretty there" "it is!—do you mind if I sit down?" Ughh stupid me you could've asked him to set down when he introduced himself!"uh yeah sure" "so um...why did you move here?" "My parents wanted me to have a better future so they thought I would here in America" "ohh,how was your flight here?" "It was great but very long!" I burst out laughing at this, he just acted so funny when he was saying how long it was. I don't know how much time went by until we were both just laughing about every little thing each other said. It was great! Until I looked over and saw Suzie eyeing him like he was a new flavor of Chapstick she couldn't wait to put on her lips. That's when she started walking toward us.
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