Friends With The Band

Ok I'm gonna try this story I might not finish it but if I don't I will give someone else permission to finish it or use the idea.
He was new in town and didnt know anyone. Who is he you may ask he is Cameron Phillip. Cameron came from London in the UK because his parents wanted a better life for him so he moved to America. Nobody at the school liked Cameron except for (Y/N). Nobody gave him the chance to explain himself besides her. What (Y/N) didn't know was that Cameron was friends with a boy band—but not just any boy band — One Direction to be exact.
So there's the idea for the story if I write it will you read it?


3. A date?

"Hey" Suzie said after she trotted her way over here shaking her totally fake but. "Hello" he said casually. Huh that's weird usually a guy woulda been trying to get close to her or at least stemming interested in her by now. Seems Suzie was surprised that her "beauty" didn't affect him either; she just stood there looking like a fly was gonna fly in her mouth. Hehe that would be funny! She cleared her through rather loud "Ummmm" woah Suzies nervous! That's a first! "I was wondering if maybe you wanted to hang out later?" She asked very confidently. Well there goes being nervous. "Actually I'm taking (Y/N) out tonight" he said grinning at me. Wait WHAT?!?!? Oh god I'm domed its official Suzie is gonna kill me! I looked at her to see what she was doing and she was glaring at me! If looks could kill I would be dead well over 100 times already. "Oh is that so?!?" WOW she sounds PISSED! "Yeah it is actually" he said smiling at me. Oh god his skip is adorable! And his dimples are so cute! "Ummm yeah it is....." I said alittle unsure but it was good enough to make her leave. "So tonight at 8?" He said walking away for first period giving me a wink. OMG this cannot be happening! I have a date!! Wait I have a date? Wow that sounds weird! The rest of the school day went by quickly. I have 2nd, 3rd, lunch, 5th, and 6th period with Cameron.
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