My mom's boyfriend

What made I'd weirder is I have a crush on my mom's boyfriend.


3. What just happend?!?!

I heard footsteps coming upstairs. "please be Harry" I thought
"hey love" he said as he opened the door. I look up and forced a smiled. Harry closed the door and locked it. Why did he lock it? He sat on my bed next to me. His lips were pink cuz of my moms lipstick, anger and jealousy drew inside of me. I couldnt take it any more. I put my arms around Harry's next and kissed, at first his lips didnt move but a cuple seconds later he kissed me back and we synced together, he put his hands around my waist, he was a bout to lay me on top of him but then my mom knocked on the door and we separated instantly. Harry quickly left and didn't look at me. 
He hates me. Well maybe he doesn't, oh who am I kidding that boy is never going to talk to me again. "stupid, I'm so fckn stupid" I said to myself. I just cried my self to sleep thinking about what just happened.
A/N heyy my kittens so sorry that my movella isnt do good but I promise it will get better. If you want me to read you movella tell me ( of course by commenting) love you guys. And I promise when the powers back I'll fix things up on my computer. Bia :)
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