My mom's boyfriend

What made I'd weirder is I have a crush on my mom's boyfriend.


7. the truth/ I Think.....

The truth/ I think.......

                Destiny POV
I actully liked this beside the fact that were in a haunted mansion and that this house is really old and could just collapse on me and Harry but hey I'm with Harry styles and I lik it. He always makes me laugh and I'm never scared around him I can well be me. I was complaining about how scared I was (lies) and next thing you know I'm being carried by Harry styles. What was he looking for and if I'm here for no reason then I'm going to smack Harry one million times. I coundnt help but laugh. Is it me or is Harrys eyes the most beautiful eyes in the world. He was going up the stairs now I was screaming omg those stairs have to be older than you mom heyyyyyyyyy lmaoo jkjk those stairs were really old and long every step he made would creek. He finally put me down on a bed. oh god.
                                           Louis POV
"what's taking those two so long"
"I don't know they can't be doing anything lovey cuz Harry still has a girlfriend right" Zayn replied
"Harry asked destiny to step outside for a little while its been like half an hour I'm going to check whats taking them so long" 
              Harry POV
Destiny kept on laughing finally once she cached her breath she asked why are we here.
" I really need to find out something"
" and why am I here?" k so should I tell her or k stop being pussy and tell her.
" after your kiss I wanted more I became addicted." deep breath okay I started now I need to finish.
<3 Cause you, you got this spell on me! I don't know what to believe.Kiss you once, now I can't leave!Cause everything you do is magic.Yeah everything you do is maa-ah-ah-gic.
" When I left your room that day your mom got a phone call all I heard was I love you too see you tomorrow. I became suspicious when I asked her who that was she said it was a friend. She went to the bathroom and left  her phone behind checked her recent phone calls and the last persons she called was a man named Byron  and his name on her phone was Byron with a heart. I got really pissed and left and all I could think about was you and the kiss. I want to find out if I love you or your mom but before I see can you call her for me you said she was at your aunt right well if she picks up ask her if you can talk to Marie please."
             Destiny POV
What is Harry saying that he thinks he likes me. Harry styles the boy dating my mom thinks he likes me. Wait but he said something about Byron. 
" Harry Byron is my moms friend she's been to my house before."
" what happens when he goes to your house?" he asked I felt bad cuz I can tell he's hurt.
" well I don't really know they usually just go upstairs to my mo,s room but I don't think they do anything all I dan hear are laughs nothing serious I think."
" can you call her please" he said a tear fell. I couldn't see him cry.
" Harry please don't cry" I said lifting up his chin looking at his eyes.
         Harry POV
She cheating on me. What have I've done to have this in my life? I felt tears in the back of my eyes. " can you call her please" then a tear rolled out of my eye. She told me not to cry but how could I not. She lifted my head and I looked at her eyes.
<3 It makes you lips so kissable and your kiss unmissable your fingertips so touchable but your eyes irresistible <3
I couldn't take it anymore I think I like this girl more than I love her mom. (wow that sounds wrong) I kissed her but it wasn't just a kiss it was more. She wrapped her arms around my neck. I got on top of her I feel really bad to say this but it felt right. She took off my shirt and I took off her's.
         Destiny POV
What is he doing?! Whatever this is Harry Styles and it felt......somewhat.......right. I feel really bad but hopefully she won't find out. I took off his shirt and he took off mine I unhooked my bra and pretty much after that we were completely naked. He was still on top off me. It wasn't my first time so I was used to this. He started teasing me but I complained and he put it all the way there was a lot of moaning and we didn't care how loud we were cuz we were at a place were no one comes. After we were finished we promised not to tell anyone.
        Harry POV
Wow k so we promised not to tell anyone and I hope we keep it. 
Well so she call my so called girlfriend and what she says is that her aunts in the bathroom so were waiting 10 min and going to recall.
"soo what do you wanna do for ten minutes" Destiny asked
"let's...... I don't know."  we didn't know what to do so I just kissed her you know what I don't care anymore her mom is cheating on me so it doesn't matter eather way I think I love destiny.

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