My mom's boyfriend

What made I'd weirder is I have a crush on my mom's boyfriend.


1. The note

I got up and fixed my brown straight hair, knowing that my mom's boyfriend, Harry Styles, was coming over.  I didnt plan on doing anything 'special' today so I put on some jeans and a tank top. I only put a little bit of makeup considering that I was to tired to go all out like when I would go on a date or something, anyways I went downs stairs after that ,and I wasn't really hungry so I went to the T.V and watched 'switched at birth®'. I found a note on the counter it said,
"dear destiny,
               I have to go to meeting so I won't be back until like 6pm but Harry should be home at around 9:30am. Love you,mom<3"
               I looked at the clock it was 9:06. I couldn't wait till Harry was here.  Just thinking of him made my cheeks bright red. Why did he have to date my mom, it was so weird, but it made it weirder that I had a crush on my moms boyfriend.
A/N I still have a blackout so sorry that the chapter is short and isn't in paragraph form. Love you guys :)
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