My mom's boyfriend

What made I'd weirder is I have a crush on my mom's boyfriend.


2. The day with him

              DING DONG!! The door bell rang. I  went to the bathroom to checked ho w I looked before picking up the door.
"Hey Hazz" I said smiling
"Hia Destiny, did your mom tell you?" Harry asked while walking through the door.
"ya I guess your stuck with me until she comes home" I chuckled at my cheesy joke. I mentally face palmed myself. Harry let out a chuckle and sat on the couch.
"So, what do you wanna do" I asked taking a seat next to him.
"how bout we watch a movie?" he replied sitting closer to me.
"um sure, which one" my voice was unsteady.
"how bout.....the notebook?" 
"umm sure, do you want me to make popcorn?" I asked getting up to get the cd.
"I'll make it, can you bring blankets tho" 
"sure" i said going to the closet to get some blankets.
"hey, can we cuddle, it's just a natural thing I always do when I'm watching a movie with a girlespecially with a cute one and like-" he said trailing of but I cut him off.
"sure" I said laying down on him. I was blushing uncontrollably 
He started playing with my hair and then I dozed off.
I woke up to the sound of a door. My mom was home. I slept that long? When my vision was back the first thing I saw was my mom and Harry kissing. I sprinted up stairs and I felt harry stare at me. I just simply went to my room and layed in the bed, crying silently.
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