My mom's boyfriend

What made I'd weirder is I have a crush on my mom's boyfriend.


9. Pain and Plans

             Destiny POV
I felt really bad for Harry. He was really sad after my mom hung up. I comfort him trying to take his mind off it but the more he cried the more I was going to. She's my mom and I can never see her again and the last thing she called me was a bitch. I had best relationship with her what the fuck just happened?! Anyway Harry was bawling his eyes out I was playing with his telling him it's okay she doesn't deserve you and I tried to tell jokes that epicly failed. I called Louis to see if he knew what to do.
               Harry POV
Cry cry cry cry that's all I was doing I was in so much pain. My heart literally broke into one million pieces. I should've listen to my fans they all said this was going to happen and it did. I'm so happy I found out now. Why didn't I realize she was a whore I mean she was everyone's girlfriend so I was just invited to the boyfriend club. She pretty much steals every boys heart and then take out a scissor and slice it up in one million pieces. I'm actully glad we broke up I could be with destiny and the boys won't have anymore troubles, taylor used to bea bitch to everyone except for me and Liam it actually seemed like she was trying to split the band. I was crying because I thought she loved me I loved her but she didn't feel the  same.
             Louis POV
I was in my car about to call the boys to help prepare for the sleepover when I got a call from Harry.
"hey man you down with her yet" I said laughing
" shut Louis it's Destiny"
"oh awkward well whatsup love"
"um.. Well me and Harry got bad news and Harry is bawling his eyes out I thought since you knew him longer what should I do?"
"honey you have to take him to the doctor"
"um wht"
"you ha e to take him to see the boys he'll fell so much better and he'll have his mind on something else unless you want to do something else" I said with an evil plan
"umm well what's the second thing"
"you have to tease him" I said trying not to burst out laughing
"I'll go with the first one" she said
"see hun there's a problem with the first one I'm not with the boys till the sleepover and that in like 5 hours" 
" ugh really Lou"
"yep so you can do plan a but have to wait 5 hours with him bawling like a baby or plan b tease him for five hours or maybe something is going to happen while the teasing" I got home but waited in the car cuz the boys where already inside my house.
" I hate you Lou"
"love you to babe k I gtg see you at the sleepover oh remember he likes to be bit on the lower lip it turns him on"
"bye Lou" she hung up with that I couldnt stop laughing can't wait to see her later.

A/N: sorry for the short chapter but school starts again :( k I'm still crying cuz the kiss and I'm not lying oh if you look at my profile you'll see I started a movella named no Haylor that's the book I was talking about in the last a/n love you all like fav comment look at my other books and tell your friends to read this byeeee xx
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