My mom's boyfriend

What made I'd weirder is I have a crush on my mom's boyfriend.


10. Having Fun

                   Harry POV
So I'm here crying still confused. I should've known she was trash. All my fans would say Harry she's going to break your heart but I thought they were haters. Ugh I hate/love my life. Ok Harry time to be a man you and Taylor swift are over and you should've of known she was a nasty whore. K stop crying mow. I tried holding my breath but I couldn't hold it anymore I started crying again. Ok let's keep my mind off of her so umm look that's a beautiful painting. It was a painting of a yellow white meadow and a couple having a picnic me and Taylor had a picnic. I started crying again then destiny came back.
                   Destiny POV
I hate louis ugh why can't all the boys be home? Now time to tease. Oh god more like saying time for round 2 cuz people say he's a sortie at things like this. I'f your wondering why I'm not like omg what am I going to do how do I do this ,it's because I was known as the flirt since middle school and we would love to play dares where you had to do the dare only dare other wise you have to kiss Bob but when the boys me and my friends pass by him we call him Billy Bob Bob Billy lol yep go ahead call me a bitch i don't give a fuck. So anyway most of my dares was to turn on my best guy friends and embarrass them cuz write after they are turned on I have to break their pencil one the boy has to get up with that boner to sharpen his pencil lmfaoo memories. So I go back to Harry and sit crossing my legs I start with my hand sliding from his shoulder down, then I go to his legs I put my legs around his waist and sat on him. So I learned this trick how to hypnotize people to do whatever you want with your eyes so I start kissing or some people call it sucking his ears and his face went up and that not the only thing that went up (if you know what I mean), I look into his eyes and starts doing the trick he puts his hands around my waist, at this point he stopped crying yay its working, and we start making out he ask for permission for his tongue to enter permission granted. At this point my legs are wrapped around his waist my hands are around his shoulders and his hands are around my waist oh way and were making out. He's trying to lift up my shirt but you know what time to try something new, playing hard to get in your pants ;), I keep pulling my shirt down and during we take breathes he keeps whispering c'mon kiss please kiss. I smiled I never played hard to get it's actually really fun. He pulls me down so now I'm on top of him. I can feel I'm smile. This time he succeeds to take of my shirt then he quickly threw that on the flow and unhooked my bra. He took off his shirt, with my help off course. God those abs are perfect! He took off my leggings and I took off his jeans. He slide off my thong ( I was wearing leggings I'm not showing a pantie line k), and he rolled over so that would be on top and I took off his boxers. He's now teasing me when I'm turned on. Great I hate being teased. He keeps putting only the tip in.
" Harry get the fuck in me"
" beg" oh god this boy
" please Harry fucking please" I say
"not good enough" he says smiling I hate him
"HARRY PLEASE GET THE FUCK INSIDE OF ME NOW PLEASE YOU SEXY BEAST" I practically scream. He just let it loose and went all the way in. Thrusting in and out. All you hear in this house is moans and groans and the sounds of pleasure. He eventually gets way to tired and lays down to the side. I look over and see how fast his chest is moving up and down. He look over at me and we stay there staring and each others eyes. He has the most beautiful eyes in the world. He pecks me on the lips.
" you are very good at getting me turned on."
" thank you I guess" I say laughing
" now I expect a blowjob" he says seriously
" k I don't kind but after you now what you need to do to me" I say smiling
"KK deal but bj first."
I start giving him a blow job spiting and rubbing/ sucking with my mouth. After that was over I smile at him and say "my turn". We kept on taking turns. I'm not going to lie he was good. One I wrapped my legs around his shoulders he would give me hickeys close to my pussy on my inner thigh me having to plead him to just to.

A/N : sorry I haven't uploaded in a while. I had a school problem with my friend and my other friend and then I have this boy problem if you ask me to describe my life I would say drama lol k so I'm going to try to upload 2 chapters daily and if I can ply do one sorry if I do three you guys are lucky. Love you all hope you keep reading share my book with your friends please my goal is to get 30 fav I'm at 19 right now so fav like and comment biii I'll upload again later xxxxxxxxxx ( btw I cried a little at school cuz me and my friend were talking about the kiss :''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''(
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