My mom's boyfriend

What made I'd weirder is I have a crush on my mom's boyfriend.


6. Haunted Mansion

                   I sat with the boys becauesewell it was my lunch break so I could do what ever I want tehe. The boys were laughing and talking but I wasn't paying attention I was to busy thinking about Harry. Why is he acting like this? What would happen if my mom found out ya shell break up with him but I'm probably getting kicked out the thoughts got interrupted by my phone.My mom was calling. 
"hey mom"
"hey honey so im staying at Aunt Marias so if you want you can stay at a friends" she sounded a little weird but whatever.
"k mom tell Aunt I said hi."
"do you think you'll find a place to stay"
"yamaybe I'll stay at-"
" I HEAR A SLEEPOVER!!!!!" i was interrupted by Lou
"honey who was that" my mom said laughing
"oh I met some of Harrys friends maybe you know them"
" I've never met any of his friends hey you better watch out if you steal him from me then your getting your own place" my mom was joking so I had to play along
"hahaha mom it's okay I'm pretty sure he won't hurt you" I bit my lip
"anyway did you get a job" she asked  a little eager
"ya I got a job at Nandos umm mom igot to go talk to you tomorrow k"
" ya sure bye love you"
" love you too"
I hung up my phone and gave Louie a death glare.
"what don't tell me you don't wanna have a sleepover with me and the boys"Lou said. At that time Harry sat next to me again
" your sleeping over Lou's? Am I invited?"
" I don't know if I'm sleeping over you girlfriends at her sisters house and she told me not to go home I don't know why and I need to sleepover someone's house" I said under a breath.
" Oh please sleepover well watch movies play video games tell stories and well spend an hour eating carrots" he said in a high pitch voice.
" k I'll sleepover if everyone else is there and we don't spend an hour eating carrots."
" deal but were still eating carrots"
"k so I'm going to daydream some more while you guys can do whatever boys do"
" hey Destiny wanna go out side quickly" Harry ask. I want to but I'm not sure ugh I don't have enough money to move out off my house but who can say no.
"ya sure" he took my hand and led me out. He took me to his car and started driving.
" where are you taking me" 
"to a park I need to find out something"
"ummm ok"
" but don't tell your mom"
" k but why"
" just because you'll find out why"
***** at park*******
Destiny Pov
          So Harry brings me to this park. I have no clue why but I guess I'll find out.
Harry Pov
      I needed to find something out if I didn't find out right now then I'm going to run away and never come back.
     I brought destiny to the so called haunted house that's all the way in the back of the park. 
"come one don't be a pussy" I said
"I'm not going in there" destiny said trying to run away but I grabed her by her waist be for she could go away and held her bridel styles and open the door. The house was really dusty.I wasnt sure if she was scared she was griping me really hard yep she was scared. She kept on complaining. the house was more like a hounted mansion and I don't know what I was looking for I. The house but I know what I needed to find out so I carried her.Her legs where around my waist I was looking for the bedroom. I climbed up the bedroom and Destiny was laughing and screaming. I finally found the bedroom now I got nervous.

A/N : so my computer broke after the hurricane and then my phone broke so that's mostley why I couldnt update sorry but I'll post like 10 chapters today sorry that the book is boring but keep these questions in your till i update. What does Harry want to find out? Why is Destinys mom acting weird is she really at Aunt Marie house? Why the haunted house" 
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