My mom's boyfriend

What made I'd weirder is I have a crush on my mom's boyfriend.


8. Get the fuck out

Get out
                Destiny POV
Me and Harry killed time by kissing then he blurted out "I think I love you".
I look at him lik umm what then I say "what" 
"I think I love you" he said looking in my eyes
<3 but your eyes your eyes your eyes irresistible <3
I coundnt help but kiss him and say "I think I love you too" we still had lik 7 min so I just laid on his chest while he was telling a story about the time he got punished for saying pussy. I was laughing so much. I love to see Harry smile. his dimp,es and his flirty smile is to die for. he has everything a girl could beer wanted. He could be really cheesy but I love that he is amazing and all of a sudden I felt my heart sink when I realized he isn't mine. There was a question I was dying to ask but if I did bring up the fact that my mom is cheating on him ,I have no idea why when Harry is hot as, anyway I knew if I brought it up his smile will go away and he would start crying or something but is I never asked then I don't know what I'll do.
              Harry POV
I was happy when I was near Destiny. She was easy to talk to and she liked understood me. It felt so right but so wrong to be with her there is something about her that is special and I liked it. Her smile her body her- my thoughts were interrupted by a phone call. It was Louis. 
"YO where are you I thought you were going to step out for like ten seconds it's been like an hour."
"ya I went to do something with Destiny but we wont be back for awhile well meet you at your sleepover"
"k but are you still with-" I cut him off
"don't say her name I'll explain later k bye" I quickly hung up and my heart sunk. Destiny noticed she knew me so well.
"what happened" she asked worried
" Louis reminded me of your mom which I want you to call right now please" I said I started to cry a little but not a lot.
" are you okay"
"ya I'm fine"
<3 heartache doesn't last forever I'll say I'm fine<3
                  Destiny POV
I felt really sad. I was so pissed at my mom. I called her and put the phone on speaker. RING RING RI—
"hi sweetie" she answer with so pride how can she be happy
" hey mom can I talk to auntie now" I ask acting like I didn't know anything
" umm can I trust you" she said I can't believe this women was my mother
"ya mom you can tell me anything"
" well you know Byron"
"well I'm kind of seeing him and well since your eighteen I guess I can say I've been having sex with him. In love him not Harry. I just played with Harry to get things that I wanted cuz Byron is not so rich. In fact I'm having sex with him right now so I'm going to have to call you later"
" how could you you bitch nasty whore your a slut and guess what I love your daughter now I knew we should have never been together Taylor Swift you are no longer my girlfriend and your a fucking singer so buy your own shit." Harry said. I was in shocked.
" omg Harry did you hear all that. And wait did you say your in love with destiny?!?! (my mom moans loudly) destiny you better find yourself your own place you bitch!"
"mom I'm a fucking bitch your the one cheating on Harry Styles" I say. This women can't be my mother you know what I'm not calling her that anymore.
"(moans groans and sucking noises) you better get the fucknout of my house and never return you hear now Harry I'm going to give byron the best bj in the world cuz you know what he has a really big dick unlike you!!!"
And she hangs up.
              Harry POV
I never felt so much pain in my life. I knew I should have never dated Taylor Swift she such a whore ugh how can anyone like her. I start crying and I knew Destiny is one I wanted to be with my whole life she comfort me and took care of me. I told her she can live with me till she finds a place and she agreed. I hope she never finds a place.
         Destiny POV
When he asked me to stay at his place till I get one I couldn't say no I mean 1) he needed me to comfort him 2) sayi g no is lle rejecting him and he is already in so much pain and 3) he Harry Styles.

A/N: okay so I didn't want to make it really crazy but my friend call right before 'Destiny' calls her mom, and my friend told me to click on a link the link was a YouTube video of Taylor Swift and Harry Srptyles kissing and I can't stop crying I'm actully crying right now but that how I feel about her and I know I can't say it to her face so why not just put it's here right? Omg I'm starting a new book about how much a whore she is. Omg I'm cryingnway to much right now I literally heard and felt my heart crack k so I'll update soon remember to like fav share with your friends and comment also comment about what you think about Haylor love you all my kittensxxx I'm going to cry myself to sleep now :'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''( I can't fit anymore tears but trust me there's A LOT more. Love youu all xx if you didn't watch the vid don't other wise your going to be crying like me k love you all xx
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