My mom's boyfriend

What made I'd weirder is I have a crush on my mom's boyfriend.


4. Day at work

I woke up. I looked in the mirror and saw tear makes on my face. Remembering at what had happened, I bit my lip to hold my tears back and took a shower. When I got out I brushes my hair, teeth and got dressed. I went downstairs to get breakfast and saw my mom on the phone. 
"ya sure, no problem" who was she talking to? "see you later...bye" 
"mom who was that" I asked getting out a bowl for my cereal.
" nothing just work they told me I needed to bring down some papers later, anyway missy you need to get a job!" she said not yelling at me but here eyes brighten.
"um where do you want me to get a job at?" I asked slowly.
"well Nandos is hiring, or you can work some place at the mall, but I recommend nandos they pay more for some reason." 
I sighed ," I guess I'm going to nandos today!" I said and put a fake smile on my lips. I went to the couch eating my flakes and heard my mom leaving to bring the papers to her office. I just sat there watching MTV and a video of one direction came on. "and live while we're young" Harry said giving a sexy look at the camera. The music video made me laugh, especially the hamster balls that was HILARIOUS! I sighed and wondered how lucky my mom was. 
I got in my car and drive to nandos. I put the radio on and one thing was on. I love this song! Then Harry's part came."shot me out of the sky. Your my kyrptonite you keep making me weak ya frozen and can't breath" I sang along. Then Gangman Style came on. I laughed at the memories off me and my friend, Sam, dancing to this. I arrived at nandos. I walked inside and asked were the manager was.
"why is there a problem" the girl asked who turned out to be Sam.
" omg Sam!" 
"oh heyy destiny you look so cite today!"
"thanks and anyway, my mom told me I needed to get a job so I came here." 
" omg your hired!" 
"what really I didnt need to do anything?"
"nope the manager said we can hire, grap and apron and note pad from behind the counter and when people come get menus and ask for drinks first, k"
" kk omg yay we'll be working together!"
" ya here come 5 boys so get started and I'll tell you when you have lunch break." 
I got my stuff and went to the table were the boys were at. I got a little nervous but I'll have to get used to it. "hey guys, so heres your menu and what would you guys like to drink?"
"Pepsi, come on you should know this Destiny" I looked up at the boy who said my name, omg it was Harry my cheeks got a little pink when I saw him. I guess this boy with a blue stopes noticed because he said, "aww someone has a crush on Hazza" I blushed even more and sent the boy with the stripes a look. Harry  Smiled cheeky. " I didn't know you worked here" he said 
" ya your girlfriend made me" I said.
" anyway this is Lou" he said pointing at the boy with stripes, " that's Niall" he pointed at a boy with blond hair smiling, " that's Zayn and that's liam" he pointed at a boy with a dark hair and dark eyes, and Liam was this boy with chocolate eyes I would eat cuz I ligitimently love chocolate. " heyy guys  destiny and I need to take your order or else I'm getting fired on the first day." I said they gave me there orders and I went to the back and  got there drinks. They all ordered and I gave the order to the people in the back and they told me to sit with them till the order was ready. I squished in between Harry and Louie and Louie was complaining, "Harry I want to sit next to you!" he said, " but I like Destiny more" Harry said Louie gasped and huffed. Niall was laughing, his laugh was so cute and funny. " tell me about yourselves" I said. Niall started " well umm let's see I'm from Ireland and umm I LOVE FOOD!" he practically shouted and they all laughed, then Liam started, " we'll as you probably know we're in a band named one direction, I love the movie toystory and I just became single" he winked at me and I smiled. I look up at Harry and he smiled at me. It weird I thought he hated me. I guess not. Zayn started talking"well unlike Liam I have a girlfriend her name is Perrie and she is awesome. I like playing truth or dare and ya." then Lou went " I like girls who eat carrots" he said the shoved a carrot in my mouth everyone laughed and I felt a hand on my thigh, I look up at Harry and he just smiled at me cheekily and wrapped a hand around my waist, I almost forgot I had a job. I  got up and look at Harry confusingly he just looked at me and thn I said "I'm going to go check on the orders" I said and left.
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